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Yohimbe – and-effect and application

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Plug-in a letter to Yohimbe:

Scientific Name: Pausinystalia yohimba
Plant Family: Redness Plants (Rubiaceae)
Folk Names: Tree Of Love, Lust, Wood, Power Wood
Origin: Africa
Areas of application:

  • Erectile dysfunction,
  • Impotence,
  • increased blood pressure

Main Ingredients: Yohimbine
Plant Parts Used: Bark

Herbs portrait: If the blood boiling

The Yohimbe tree belongs to the family of the redness plants (Rubiaceae), growing originally in West Africa, primarily in countries such as Cameroon or the Congo. Of the local tribes, such as the Bantu peoples, but also of East African tribes such as the Maasai are used the leaves and the bark of the tree since time immemorial for a variety of initiation and healing rites.

The medicinal plant use of Yohimbe is concentrated in the traditional African medicine, particularly to disorders of Libido and organically-related causes for infertility.

In the meantime, it was discovered, however, a number of other features of the fancy wood, so that its application to include areas of the following health problems:

  • Erectile dysfunction,
  • Impotence,
  • Infertility,
  • sexual aversion,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Circulatory disorders
  • and tension pain in the head area.

In the Western medicine since 1980, especially the yohimbe bark (Yohimbehe cortex) distributed. Ground into powder, possesses the cure to a reddish-brown to grey-brown in colour and is ideal for herbal teas. A relatively gentle and easy-to-prepare natural remedies, the potency, and sometimes even in the case of vascular problems, can help.

Ingredients and effect

The active ingredient that gives Yohimbe its effect, is called yohimbine. The plant material has the property that different nerve receptors, so affecting, that, in particular, of the male genital area benefited.

Yohimbine improves blood circulation

Among the receptors, which the yohimbine influence, the so-called α2-Adrenoceptors. It is a special signal line units in the body’s own nervous system. They are mainly found in blood vessels, where they, among other things, by the stress hormone norepinephrine worry be activated and for a narrowing of the blood vessels. The said hormone along with adrenaline in particular for high-performance activities such as Sport or the stress of everyday scenarios, but also during sexual intercourse distributed. In the latter case, it is responsible for:

  • improved performance during the love game,
  • the sexual readiness in General,
  • and mental alertness, and responsiveness in the sexual act.

The side effect of norepinephrine on the vascular volume can be a true Dilemma, because the hormone is not conducive to sexual activity, through the activation of Adrenoceptors but also for disorders of blood circulation in the genital area.Yohimbine works in this context. Because it prevents norepinephrine to α2-Adrenoceptors docks, not only for better blood circulation. The increasingly liberated noradrenaline optimized in addition, the functions of the body, which are important for a fulfilling sexual life is necessary. The arteries in the pelvic area respond well to this effect of yohimbine. Thanks to its properties

  • it increases the excitability of the reflexes in the pelvic region,
  • it provides increased sensitivity of the skin and tissue,
  • it increases the activity of the Libido
  • and improves the blood flow to the male erectile tissue.

Overall, it is possible that due to the blood flow, sensitivity and performance-enhancing effect of yohimbine

  • Erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction,
  • Impotence,
  • increased blood pressure
  • and General blood circulation disorders
  • fixed, respectively, can be alleviated.

    Trivia: Due to the improved use of the stress hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline stimulates yohimbine the metabolism. The increased efficiency is used to burn fat, which is why Yohimbe is in the Form of yohimbine HCL in the Fitness and body – Builder sector. However, the anabolic steroids-similar product is not commercially available.

    More in the mood thanks to yohimbine

    Adrenergic receptors are not the only hormone docking points where yohimbine attacks. Also, receptors for the inclusion of the “happiness hormone” Serotonin can be influenced by the ingredient of Yohimbe positive. In Detail, there are Serotonin 5-HT receptors, which sense of play the increased desire to play a decisive role. Through improved uptake of Serotonin yohimbine can increase, the psychoactive Feel, what

    • Libido stimulate,
    • sexual experiences full of relish design,
    • and the pleasure you feel can intensify the sexual act in General.

    Important: yohimbine, in addition to its effect as an aphrodisiac also, some of the unpleasant side effects when incorrectly dosed. For details, see the section on the application of Yohimbe.

    Application and dosage

    You can buy the bark of the Yohimbe mostly in the Form of cut pieces of Bark or ground as a powder Both are usually prepared as a tea.

    Yohimbe as a tea

    If you take the first Time a tea out of Yohimbe, it is important to dose at the beginning, be careful. Yohimbine is a powerful aphrodisiac, which is why it is better, first of all, moderate amounts of to take and to be seen.

    Preparation of Yohimbe tea:

  • Half a teaspoon of Yohimbe bark or Yohimbe powder,
  • 500 ml of boiling water,
  • Drawing time: approximately five minutes
  • after that, the tea filter and drink small SIPS.
  • The effect of yohimbine is usually only about half an hour after Drinking the tea. Therefore, you should be sure to wait until enough time before you drink another Cup. In order to speed up the Onset of effect, you can try to give a knife-tip of Vitamin C in the tea.

    Side – effects and interactions

    In the case of the use of Yohimbe preparations should be taken in moderation, because it can occur in addition to – as well as interactions:

    • Yohimbe should not be taken together with antidepressants and antihypertensive drugs, because it could come to blood pressure and mood swings and anxiety.
    • The consumption of fat-rich food, caffeine and alcohol – containing drinks, at the latest, be set six hours prior to taking the Yohimbins, as the active ingredient can inhibit the elimination of caffeine, alcohol and fat in the liver and brain. This, in turn, leads quickly to interactions, and Nausea or vomiting.
    • In particular, in combination with caffeine, the result is often an increased effect of the Yohimbins. Side effects such as an instant or duration of the erection are not unusual. You can also occur in the case of an Overdose of Yohimbe, and requires persistent symptoms urgent visit to the doctor, since it to stick otherwise, blood congestion, pain and swelling can come on the erect member.
    • Other side effects of an Overdose of yohimbine may be nervousness, Tremors, increased flow of Sweat, inner unrest, insomnia, heart palpitations, headaches, dizziness, and gastrointestinal complaints.
    • People, the stomach is already on a cardiovascular, intestinal, kidney or liver disease, may not yohimbine oral. The same applies for persons with a mental stress disorder or mental illness.
    • The varied range of undesirable side effects on shows that yohimbine is really a very strong substance that should not be underestimated. In case of doubt, the revenue has therefore discuss with a doctor.

    Studies on the effects of Yohimbe

    In the case of Yohimbe, it is one of the few aphrodisiacs, the effect of which is also confirmed actually. Both a curative effect on erectile dysfunction as well as a positive effect in case of impotence in the different studies demonstrate. That Yohimbe helps erectile dysfunction and infertility, and is therefore scientifically proven, and is not part of the medicinal plant myths.

    The results of research to the precise mode of action of yohimbine in the area of blood circulation and Hormone balance are still. This topic would be a follow-up study of value. After all, only desirable changes in terms of sexual function, but also a number of exchange – and the side effects are not caused by the specific mechanism of action of Yohimbe. These were: the scope of the knowledge richer mitigate the Wirkabläufe of yohimbine may be better.

    Yohimbe buy

    So far, the Online offer of Yohimbe products are still very big. Many order or buy Yohimbe therefore, rather than Tea from the bark or in powder form at the local pharmacy, drugstore or in a local Herbal retailers.


    Yohimbe is an effective aphrodisiac which must be used with a view to its powerful effect, however, is very moderate. Otherwise, the aphrodisiac effect might quickly change into its opposite and instead of a power increase serious side effects such as blood pressure and mood call changes, anxiety, tachycardia and blood congestion in the male member. We recommend the fancy wood so only after medical consultation and in a moderate dosage. (ma)