Sunday, 26 Mar 2023

Up to 15 years in prison: Romania detention introduces penalties for a breach of Corona requirements

In Romania do not need to count on met from now on, anyone with an adhesive that holds the pads to the fight against the Coronavirus. On Thursday the government issued a decree according to which up to three years in prison in the case of a simple disregard of the orders. If this is a person with the Virus infects, increases the penalty to up to five years in prison. With up to 15 years in prison for violations of the Anti-Corona measures are punished, which lead to the death of a human being.

“We can’t accept it when irresponsible people run around freely and for others to make you sick,” warned the head of government, Ludovic Orban. In view of the ever more drastic restrictions in other countries of Europe the government also called for the approximately four million compatriots living abroad, over the Easter period, not to return home. Romania has so far, almost 230 confirmed cases of infection. Around 3800 people are also under quarantine.

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