Friday, 22 Sep 2023

The sunlight that enters through the window to form Vitamin D?

Sun is missing on the skin, can make the body Vitamin D. Especially now in the Winter, many people have low Vitamin D levels. The reason is that Even if the sun is shining, it is in the local latitudes to low in the sky, to the body to stimulate its own production. In drugstores and pharmacies, there are dietary supplements to prevent a deficiency. However, these preparations are quite controversial. Doctors recommend that the personal of Vitamin D Status with the doctor to determine, and only at low values with the pills to counteract.

A question that many people ask in the Winter time: Enough, in theory, the sun light falling through the window panes, to form Vitamin D? The answer to that is: unfortunately, no – for two reasons. The first problem is the aforementioned low position of the sun in the Winter. But even in the summer, or in areas where the sun would be enough radiation to theoretically year-round, taking advantage of the sun behind the window glass a little. Because nearly all of the washers in the apartments, as well as in cars – filter for the production of the necessary UVB rays of the sunlight. The UVB rays in the other, the skin colors in sunlight brown. This is a body’s own protection response.

Sunbathing behind glass is fraught with risks

“It makes no difference whether it is Winter or summer by sitting in front of the window, you will make no Vitamin D,” explains Michael Holick, a Professor at the “Boston University School of Medicine” versus the “New York Times”.

In the Winter, many people have a low Vitamin D Status

The sun behind the glass does, however, risks. The UVA rays of sunlight can penetrate window glass, namely, as before. This type of UV-radiation is often underestimated, they can penetrate into deeper skin layers and damage as well as premature skin cause skin aging.

Fortunately, a Vitamin-D-deficiency also in a natural way prevent. Vitamin D is in few foods. Fatty fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel bring it up to acceptable values, also Butter, egg yolk, liver and mushrooms contain Vitamin D. In the summer, it is important that Vitamin D reserves for the dark Season to replenish. The body can store, the sunshine vitamin, and in this way, for the bad times prepare for.

Experts advise three times a week in a high position of the sun for a quarter of an hour to go. Long sun baths are not recommended as they lead to skin damage and the body’s own Vitamin D production after a while anyway, get stuck in. In the Alps, the sun radiation is sufficient throughout the year to produce Vitamin D. This also applies to areas South of the 37. Latitude – as, for example, the Canary island of Lanzarote.

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