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The first Corona-dead in France, the Virus jumps to Africa

For the first time to the Coronavirus diseased person in Europe died. The Chinese Tourist had died in a Paris clinic of the disease, said the French health Minister Agnès Buzyn on Saturday. In the case of the man it was a 80-Year-old from the hard-hit Central China’s Hubei province, in which Wuhan is located. The Tourist had been brought at the beginning of February to the intensive care unit of the hospital Bichat in the French capital. It was yesterday about the death of the man informed, said Buzyn. The Patient had been several days in critical condition.

In many European countries, including Germany, have been reported in the past few weeks, people infected with the new Coronavirus. So far no one was dead, in some patients, the disease was virtually without symptoms.

Test meadows, Corona-Virus, for the first time in the case of a Person in Egypt (icon image)

Meanwhile, the Virus has reached with Egypt, the first country on the African continent. The Egyptian Ministry of health announced in Cairo, was affected a 33-year-old foreign Person. Health Minister Hala Said in a television interview on Friday evening, however no further information as to the identity of the patient. Also, the nationality remained unclear. The case was discovered after the patient’s arrival in Egypt through a screening program, she said, the broadcaster MBC Masr.

The infected Person will show no symptoms, and remain 14 days on an isolation ward, said the health Minister. Egypt had taken all the necessary measures in accordance with the Standards of the world health organization (WHO). Said that the Patient in Egypt, and lived with three other people who have the same nationality. All of that had to do with the patients, had failed the Tests on the pathogen to be negative.

First infection on the African continent

The case is the first infection with the novel Virus in Africa. The WHO has been working for weeks, countries with a weak health system in Africa and elsewhere on a possible Covid-19-the outbreak of the prepare. Among other things, the WHO Material for Tests for the detection of infection in a number of countries, including Egypt, Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Ghana sent, such as the WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said recently.

The WHO Region of Africa, saw in a analysis of 13. February, the majority of the 47 countries prepared limited to an outbreak, only seven were judged to be adequately prepared. Including Algeria and Madagascar. Egypt does not belong to the Africa Region, but works in the WHO, in a composite “East Mediterranean” with countries such as Syria, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. The WHO Region of Eastern Mediterranean provides, among other things, in a logistics center in Dubai, medical Material, which can be sent in the case of an outbreak in the country.

Bill Gates: epidemic could be dramatically

At the conference, the world’s largest science Association, AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) in Seattle Microsoft founder Bill Gates warned explicitly before an outbreak in Africa. Literally, Gates said: “There is a lot we don’t know about this epidemic, but there are also a lot of what we know, the shows that you could be very dramatic – especially if it spreads in areas such as southern Africa or southern Asia,” said Gates further. “This disease will be, when it comes to Africa, more dramatic than in China – and I don’t want what is happening in China, trivialize.”


Passengers from China are more accurately surveyed to Coronavirus

The number of infections continues to rise

The number of confirmed infections and deaths from the novel Coronavirus in China has risen again. As China’s health Commission, announced on Saturday, were confirmed 143 new cases of death. Thus in 1523 the victims on the Chinese mainland have now been according to official data confirmed. The number of newly documented diseases has risen to 2641 on 66.492 cases. Outside of the Chinese mainland are confirmed in the Rest of the world so far, about 600 diseases.

China’s capital Beijing intensified its measures in the fight against the spread of the disease. People returning to Beijing, to now for 14 days either at home or in special centres under quarantine, as it was called in an official communication. There are legal consequences for those that do not have been threatened, keep the default. How the Isolation is to be enforced, there was initially no further information.

The authorities had been warned previously that the name COVID-19 baptized lung disease could spread further if migrants return these days to the due to the epidemic extended holiday for the Chinese new year back to their jobs.

Three German patients discharged

In Germany so far, 16 of the infections were detected in 14 patients were treated in Bavaria, two in Frankfurt. After on Thursday, one of the Bavarian patient was discharged, were on Friday, both of the Frankfurt patient’s home. “You are symptom-free and proven to not be contagious,” said a spokesman for the University hospital. There is no risk to you or your environment was.

The two patients were on 1. February, along with 124 other people from Wuhan and in an army barracks in Germersheim for the quarantine has been brought flew. After infection with Sars-CoV had been detected 2, were placed the Two in the University hospital of Frankfurt.

In the case of the China-returnees in the quarantine in Germersheim results of the latest Tests are expected on Sunday. If they have no abnormalities, is lifted the quarantine on Sunday afternoon, as the Rhineland-Palatinate health, said the Ministry.

Coronavirus in China

Marathon runners in quarantine can run 50 kilometers – in his room

Cruise ships stop Odyssey

The cruise ship “Aidavita” in the Rostock shipping company Aida Cruises has made in the Thai port city of Laem Chabang festival. The passengers could be expected to leave in the Morning the ship – at night this was not provided. Previously, the ship had permission to dock out of fear of a possible introduction of the Coronavirus in Vietnam.

On the “Aidavita” according to previous information from the shipping company around 1100, mostly from Germany coming, the passengers and 400 Crew members. “On Board the “Aidavita” there is neither suspected nor confirmed Coronavirus diseases,” had said the Aida speakers in a previous Statement. No guest or member of the crew on Board have been in the last 14 days in China.

The first of almost 2300 passengers on Board the “Westerdam” were allowed, however, to leave the cruise ship. After days of wandering through Asian waters, it was gone on Friday in Cambodia at anchor. The U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh, tweeted: “The first passengers went from the #Westerdam down and on the way home! We are pleased to welcome you when you enter the mainland.”

The passengers of the “Diamond Princess” must continue to endure. The cruise ship is since the beginning of February ahead of Japan in quarantine. The United States now announced to their citizens on Sunday by plane to fly, reports the AFP. The Japanese government had apologized with 2000 iPhones with the passengers.

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