Thursday, 9 Jul 2020

The Corona-footprint: Three friends develop an Online calculator for the pandemic

The “ecological footprint” is now the most a term. This allows to capture the effects your actions have on the climate and the environment. In recent times, but the discussion on the climate of recent events, is kicked a little bit in the Background since the Coronavirus in the world rampant, it is quite acute to the “pandemic footprint”.

The fight against Corona

Everything to Stop: Therefore, the Isolation is our only Chance

The page want to help people to understand the extent to which they help to slow down the spread of the Virus or pass it on. On the basis of different variables, a value between 0 and 1000 is determined – the smaller it is, the better. Be queried, among other things, the human contact, the observance of Hygiene rules or stay in high-risk areas in more recent times.

At least 25,000 people to wash, rare hands

Behind the Tool that three young men have been friends since high school with each other stuck. Alexander Grimme, Christian Wolf and Len Werle, all of 33 years old, work actually, as authors, consultants, or sports journalists. Last weekend, however, came to them spontaneously, the idea for the pandemic footprint – on the basis of a discussion about the ecological footprint, telling the star: “We firmly believe that it is the behavior of each Individual arrives to the curve flat to keep and the care of high-risk groups to ensure.”

Within a few hours, the Domain had been registered and the page is programmed. Since then, the computer is running at full speed. “The fact that we have personally and in our professional Outlet several million Followers in the social networks, we were able to bring a stone to roll,” say the founders. “However, we would not have been able to us in the least imagine in what a huge stone, this avalanche would end”.

Already 800,000 people have on the side of your pandemic footprint calculate, the equivalent of at least one percent of the German population. Medical or virological Expertise, the computer does not replace, but provides the opportunity to reflect on your own behavior and determine whether it is necessary to change this. As the current average value, the Team behind “Pandemic Footprint” 23,5 “what is, in our view, still too high”.

6.6 percent of the Users would have an even worse value: 4.7% about wash rarely hands – the equivalent of 25,000 people. 2.2 percent of the people have despite all the warnings to 50 people or more contact the advised distance of two meters undermined. You may come by your high pandemic footprint to Think about.

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