Tuesday, 7 Apr 2020

Sugar tax in Portugal shows effect

Portugal compared to other European countries, high Rates of Overweight and obesity in children. The introduction of a tax on sugary drinks three years ago, has not only led to less soft drinks bought, also the composition of products has changed.

Although the proportion of overweight and obese children in Portugal in the last years has decreased, performers in the country in Europe to the top. The number of children between six and eight years, who regularly drank sugary drinks, increased in the year 2016 to 80.1 percent. Therefore, at the beginning of 2017 was introduced a tax on sugary drinks. The results are impressive: Many companies have reduced the amount of sugar in their products radically, and the sale of sugary drinks decreased.

Sugar is expensive in other Lächange successfully

As in other countries, unhealthy food in Portugal have and obesity strongly with social and economic factors: people with low income and low education levels are most commonly affected. "By a steering on healthier Alternatives such as water, which is more expensive, is this policy the risk to the most vulnerable groups of the population verringern"Dr. Francisco Goiana Silva, then a member in the Cabinet of the Portuguese Ministry of health says.

In Chile and the UK, there were after the introduction of a tax on sugary drinks, similar effects: In Chile, where the corresponding beverages also drastic warnings were printed, the turnover decreased within a year by a quarter. In the UK, the sugar content had decreased in the beverages.


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