Monday, 3 Oct 2022

Special scale could help people with heart weakness

Millions of patients with heart failure need to always back into the hospital because her condition worsened and the meds need to be adjusted. Researchers have developed a special scale to use the data at home and the Doctors valuable data that enable them to identify changes at an early stage.

At this scale it is not a question of the weight of the body, but the electrical and mechanical activity of the heart to be recorded as the electrocardiogram (ECG) and Ballisto-cardiogram (BCG). From this, a computer program calculates whether the symptoms announce for heart failure. "In people with heart failure, the cardiovascular System can no longer compensate for the decreased function of the heart. We see it as a mechanical Signal in the BCG", Prof. Omer Inan from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Georgia Institute of Technology explains. In the ideal case, will be in the case of deterioration, automatically a notification to the attending physician. The researchers have tested the scale in 43 patients with congestive heart failure. Both tests done at the hospital as well as at the patient’s home the device yielded promising results.

The ECG electrical signals to be recorded, which works very reliably. The BCG measures the Pulsation of the heart and provides valuable additional data. The mechanical signals are very susceptible to interference, for example, if the Patient wobbles, so that this technology disappeared about 100 years ago in the drawer, because other methods work better. In spite of the disorders of today to identify computer programs in the BCG pattern, the improvements or deterioration in display with reduction of heart failure.