Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

Silent heart attacks: Why is it many do not realize – and he is so dangerous – Video

Severe pain and a feeling of tightness in the chest are typical symptoms of a heart attack. However, there are also variants that extend completely symptom-free. Less dangerous they are not, therefore, – on the contrary. They occur even more frequently, such as Icelandic researchers now show.

A medical Team had since 2004, more than 900 older Icelanders in a long-term study examines – with a surprising result: While only ten percent of the subjects from 67 to 93 years, diagnosed with myocardial infarction had suffered, were able to determine the researchers, at 17 percent, a sign of a silent Infarction. The number of undetected heart attacks was significantly higher than that of the detected attacks.

The silent heart attack sends hardly any warning signs

To predict a silent heart attack does not. Thomas Voigtlander from the Board of the German heart Foundation, explained: “you tend to run easily, and symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, malaise and tiredness are so non-specific that the Affected note.”

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Infarction-prevention: risk factors to reduce

The Council of the Frankfurter cardiologist: “There are five risk factors for a heart attack: Smoking, high blood pressure, Diabetes, high cholesterol and a genetic predisposition. Who has one or more of these points, should radically examine the risk factors to minimize and possibly already existing heart damage to treat.“ Anyone who has any of the risk factors, will likely to cause neither a silent nor a typical infarction.

Silent heart attack has consequences only after years

What are the severe consequences also have attacks silent heart, show history data for the Icelandic study. After three years, the mortality risk of patients with silent infarction was unchanged compared to healthy people. From the fourth year, however, their risk of dying increased significantly. After ten years, she showed an equally high risk of dying as people with ordinary heart attack. In comparison to healthy patients, their mortality was increased risk by 60 percent. Also the risk of a further heart attack doubled after a silent heart attack.

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