Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

Shift work makes for bladder problems?

Irregular working times are often connected with health problems, which have already shown some studies. A Team from Italy has found that night shift workers are more prevalent in the water, which deteriorates the quality of life of many workers. This is also true for young people who do not usually suffer from an overactive bladder.

136 workers under the age of 50 had responded for the study, a questionnaire to your bladder function. The results showed that night shift workers suffer significantly more likely to have an overactive bladder and a lower quality of life felt as an employee that worked on the day.

As the authors of the study at a urological conference reported in Barcelona, the night work of persons in the evaluation of the questionnaire on an average of 31 points. Thus, they showed significantly more signs of an overactive bladder than their daytime working colleagues, which amounted to only 19 points. At the same time, the quality of life was in the night shift workers is lower.

The study leader Dr. Cosimo De Nunzio comments: "We know that long-term night work is stressful and with health problems. What is particularly worrying is that all of the individuals in our sample were under 50 years of age. Normally, we expect to have bladder problems in the elderly, but here we have younger people whose quality of life is deteriorating." Whether in the case of the night shift workers, other drinking habits, a higher caffeine intake, or a change in the production of Urine by the kidneys is the cause, you do not know – this needs to be clarified by further investigations.

Researchers at the Sant’andrea hospital in Rome had asked 68 men and 68 women who were employed in the health system. 66 of them worked at night, on average, eleven hours, the other 70 were working an average of 9.1 hours of the day.


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