Friday, 22 Sep 2023

Push-UPS, Plank and squats – these are the mistakes you should avoid

Who wants to train properly and build muscle, then these three Exercises are a Must: the sun flexion support, the Plank, and the knees. All three are among the classics in the gym and help tone up the body and excess fat tissue to reduce. To achieve an optimal effect, especially the correct execution of the Exercises is important. Nima Mashagh is a sports scientist and coach in the athletics Docks in Hamburg. In the Video he shows the common mistakes that are made during the fitness exercises and explains how to do it properly.

Example of pushup: “One of the most common errors is that the hands are incorrectly positioned. That is, the hands should not be above the shoulders, but really underneath of the breast”, explains Mashagh. A second very common error is, therefore, that the shoulder blades are pulled and the deck support, but by hanging or forward are pressed. “So the shoulder blades to ensure, nice and tight together, pull to the rear to form a proud chest,” advises Personal Trainer. Very often it is missing and the deck support is also a tension in the abdominal muscles or the buttocks. And so it goes “belly tensing, Buttocks tightening, and then you have a nice neutral stance.” Also, the forearm support, it is, especially on the right body tension, especially in the belly and in the buttocks.

According to Mashagh the knee is one flexion of the most important Exercises in strength training. Here are the most error in the execution: The knee is made to bow to either quickly, and the user can easily be in the knee-bend “drop pass”. Or, they don’t go deep enough. “The goal should be as deep as possible to go down,” advises Personal Trainer.

How to make the perfect squat is to succeed, he shows in the Video.