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Passion fruit – healthy and tasty

The passion fruit is one of the exotic fruits that are now available in every supermarket. Often, you will not be referred to as the passion fruit, what is not quite right. Passion fruit and passion fruit are very similar, however, there are small differences.

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The passion fruits are bearing fruit of the passion flower, of the approximately 400 species exist, among which about 40 to 50 edible fruits. The best-known and most widely used of these is the “Passiflora edulis” and the passion fruit. These are the fruits that are getting at us in the supermarket.

A passion flower, which also produces edible passion fruit, is the “Passiflora incarnata”. However, these fruits are not offered to us. This flower is known for, she has a special healing power. You can find more information in the following article.

Difference passion fruit and passion fruit

Both fruits the family of the passion flower plants belong to. They come from South America, the ivory coast, from new Zealand, Hawaii, Australia and California. With us, you will be almost offered throughout the year.

The passion fruit is about as large as a hen’s egg, the shell is dark red to purple in color and often somewhat wrinkled. Even if the fruit does not look very nice – the more shriveled, the peel, the more ripe it is. The passion fruit has a smooth, yellow-green peel and is usually twice as big as the passion fruit.

Both fruits contain a variety of cores, wherein the are of passion fruit, a bit harder than the passion fruit. Passion fruit taste slightly acidic and contain less Sweet than the passion fruit. Both are spooning it out for consumption cut in the middle and the flesh of the fruit is. Both the white inner skin as well as the dish are not intended for consumption. If you have fruits in the supermarket, the choice between shriveled and smooth Passion, engage you in spite of the appearance necessarily to the shriveled variant, since it is definitely the more Mature fruit.

Healthy Ingredients

The passion fruit contains important vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Beta-carotene, Vitamin E, iron and potassium. Furthermore, Magnesium and phosphorus are included, what does the bones good. Not to mention the two B vitamins B6 and B3 are still. B6, for example, is a Vitamin best in Conjunction with Magnesium (and carries with it the fruit as much), which women with strong menstrual cramps help. B6 is important for the nervous system, the immune system and the metabolism. Also in the passion fruit, the Vitamin B3 is also called Niacin known. A Niacin deficiency is rare, since B3 is contained mainly in animal products. Who wants to eat, but a vegetarian or vegan, you should treat yourself to a passion fruit. To mention is also that the healthy ingredients of passion fruit can be helpful in constipation.

Delicious Dessert

For a delicious dessert of a passion fruit, you will need 150 g curd cheese, 50 g of Mascarpone cheese, a little milk (Alternatives: soy milk, almond milk, etc.), a packet of vanilla sugar, a splash of lemon juice and, of course, a passion fruit (pay attention to a wrinkled shell!).

Cut the fruit in half and spoon the flesh of the fruit with the seeds in a bowl. Add all the remaining ingredients, and stir the Whole with a little milk to a creamy mass. So you will receive within a few minutes a delicious and healthy Dessert.

With a passion fruit, you can Refine your morning cereal and for a change of pace. A fruit salad to give a fresh and exotic touch. Try these tips but easy – have a try of this is worth it.

Turmeric Passion Fruit Elixir

For the turmeric and passion fruit elixir you will need:
Three ripe passion fruit, a tablespoon of freshly grated ginger, half a teaspoon of turmeric powder, the zest of one organic lemon, a pinch of freshly ground black pepper and two tablespoons of honey.

Mix honey, the pulp of the passion fruits, ginger and turmeric and add the grated lemon zest and ground pepper. Let the Whole then at least an hour before eating rest in the refrigerator to allow the spices to unfold properly and can connect. You can Refine Pudding, cereal, or yogurt with this healthy elixir. This should be kept in the fridge and within a couple of days consumed.

Passiflora incarnata as a natural remedy

The above-mentioned „Passiflora incarnata“ a medicinal plant, which also provides edible passion fruit. However, these are not dark purple, but greenish to yellow, the flower of flesh colors. The fruits are called in the USA, where the Plant is found growing wild Maypop.

The “Passiflora incarnata” is the passion flower, which is the best studied with respect to their healing effects. For medicinal purposes the herb used. The Plant is mainly used in case of nervousness (restlessness) and anxiety disorders. It helps with sleep disorders and mild depressive moods. But also in the case of digestive disorders with nervous cause the “Passiflora can provide” good services. It is also recommended in case of moderate hypertension.

Especially their anxiolytic effect is noteworthy, however. It relieves tension headaches, irritability, and nervous heart problems.

The essence of the passion flower

The passion flower has a special relationship to the heart. It symbolizes the “harmony” and gives the user heart peace and Serenity. Also it helps to say goodbye in all walks of life. In particular, adults do often hard to let go, for example, if your child abnabelt slowly. This supports the intake of “Passiflora”. It helps the people to come back to something in their mid-to escape from the speed of life and to find peace within yourself.

The passion flower is in the Form of capsules, as a tincture, or as a tincture, as a tea and in homeopathic Form. The therapist and the therapist helps you to decide which application form is Right for you. Often it is used together with other soothing plants, such as, for example, St. John’s wort, lavender, hops and lemon balm.

Passion flower in the garden

Also home to the wonderful, delicate blossoms of the passion flower. The Plant can be found in the garden, on the balcony, but also in the winter garden in their place. This, however, should necessarily be bright and Sunny and traffic jam at the end of heat can be avoided. The earth should always be kept moist, however, the passion flower waterlogging does not like. The Plant feels right at home, can you bring under optimal conditions the passion fruit to the fore. In General, the fruits of an Ornamental plant, however, is somewhat smaller and not so aromatic, such as the supermarket types.

Not nice to look at, but very healthy

The passion fruit is not to be regarded from the outside, really beautiful, but very healthy. The fruit is very contain low in calories (3 pieces of approximately 54 calories), it has a sweet-sour taste and valuable ingredients to make a fruit that fits well to a balanced diet. Because the fruits ripen at home is bad, you should necessarily buy a Mature fruit. At room temperature, the passion fruit will keep only about three to four days. If you love exotic fruits, and this fruit not yet know, she should give it a try. It has a very unique, special taste that does not suit you, but to everyone. (sw)