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Page sting – causes and counter-measures

Side stitch: what helps?

Everyone knows that when fast Run or race, when Jogging hurts and stings all of a sudden the rights and/or the left side of the body under the ribs: So page feels a sting. This phenomenon is also known as side stitches known. Of untrained people, although, of course, also the experienced athlete, this pain can get affected mostly.

Unfortunately, there is no exact scientific explanation for this complaint image still exists today. However, obvious hints, and also some of the theories are known. Since the side stitch disappears relatively quickly, is the investigation of the causes is rather difficult.

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The Diaphragm

The diaphragm is the main breathing muscle, for us, the people. These muscle-tendon plate is located between the chest cavity and abdominal cavity and has the shape of a dome. During Inhalation, the diaphragm contracts, causing the chest cavity volume is increased. At the time of expiration it is relaxed. The diaphragmatic breath is displaceable, which means that its location changes depending on the respiratory intensity.

Since this muscle has such a great significance in connection with our breathing, in the meantime, many scientists agree that the diaphragm is wearing to stab a large part of the blame for the page.

Various Theories

For the formation of a stitch in my side, various theories exist.

Tips to prevent a stitch in my side

Here are some tips to prevent the painful stitch in my side.
For beginners: Slowly increase the Tempo, not with the highest speed, begin the body time to adjust to the new load. You fail to perform any of the breath requirements, but you will find your own breathing rhythm. Deep inhalation and Exhalation, so the correct breathing technique is important.

Before the Sport, a small Snack is allowed, for example, a banana. A large meal should be at least two to three hours. A large amount of drink directly in front of the Sport is as well inappropriate. Take you on a longer run a bit of water, and drink thereof, and to a few SIPS.

A good posture is for each sport is important. So when you are Running or Jogging.
To recommend a well-trained core muscles and warming up before the Sport should not be forgotten.

Before a workout is not advisable to make a larger meal; a small Snack, like a banana, should however, not cause any problems. (Image: bergamont/

Tips to have the stitch in my side again to get rid of

Upon the Occurrence of a page, a break is stab first, once important, such as slow, deep breathing in and out. Change Your Posture. You lead your arms on the Inhale to the top and bend on the Exhale, slightly to the front. What facilitated, as well, is when the Hand is pressed on the sore spot. Through regular Training, the side to lose yourself in stitches with the time all by itself.

When to see a doctor

In the rule page is stinging something completely Harmless and goes by pretty quickly all by itself. Stops this, but despite the break from training is longer and causes a very unpleasant pain, consult a doctor. The abdominal cavity is then examined, for example, gallstones or appendicitis. Also, indigestion can trigger such pain. Any spasm can be administered expectorant drugs.

Help from Natural medicine

If someone is not breathing properly, no meals in front of the Sport and also his body posture, respects, and yet often side ache suffers from could be a magnesium deficiency. In this case, it is recommended to the Concerned with a suitable magnesium compound. Helpful also the Schuessler salt No. 7, Magnesium phosphoricum, for example. This is drunk as a so-called “Hot Seven”. 10 tablets are blanched with boiled water (about 250 milliliters), the Whole is stirred with a plastic spoon and drank. At best, a half-hour before the Sport.

The complaints can not eliminate, can be added to the hot Seven, the Schuessler salt No. 19 Cuprum arsenicosum D6 (two tablets). In case of digestive complaints that result in bites to the hand, can help the so-called Amara herbs such as ginger root, gentian root, and pepper cabbage. These are in the form of drops or as a powder and are best taken shortly before physical activity. Also helpful is the Lotion of the abdominal cavity to the ribcage with a high quality magnesium oil, which is available in the pharmacy. The best time is just before the Sport. (sw)