Wednesday, 23 Sep 2020

New flu antibody protects against all Influenza strains

Researchers from Washington and New York have found an antibody that the mouse in front of a variety of deadly flu viruses. The antibody could serve as a template for the development of a universal vaccine that protects against all types of Influenza. In animal experiments it resulted, and even up to 72 hours after infection with influenza virus a protection.

"There are many influenza virus strains. Therefore, every year, needs to be developed a new vaccine and manufactured to be the most common strains of the year passt", Dr. Ali Ellebedy, assistant Professor of pathology and immunology at the University of Washington explained. The scientist has now discovered an antibody that may protect against all Influenza strains, including Human, porcine and highly dangerous bird flu virus.

In the Winter of 2017, in the Ellebedy examined the blood sample of a patient and noted that in at least three different antibodies were included, which were different than usual – directed against the major protein on the surface of the Virus. Florian Krammer, a colleague in New York, found out that one of these antibodies blocked the activity of a Protein called Neuraminidase, and in a variety of human and animal influenza viruses. Neuraminidase is necessary for the propagation of the virus. "The width of the anti-body has really überrascht", Krammer said. "An antibody with strong activity on subtypes was unknown. At first we didn’t believe our results."

To find out whether the antibody can be used for the treatment of severe cases of influenza, the researchers tested them in mice, a lethal dose of influenza virus was administered. The three antibodies, each against a number of tribes, effective, and one of them protected the mice against all of the twelve strains tested, even 72 hours after infection still. The mice were sick, have survived the infection but.