Sunday, 27 Sep 2020

Loneliness shortens life

Two researchers from Canada and England to warn of far-reaching negative consequences of social Isolation. Not the psychological well-being suffers from loneliness, but also the physical health.

Loneliness can have serious effects, as the scientist Prof. Danilo Bzdok from McGill University in Quebec, and Professor Robin Dunbar of the University of Oxford in the Fachmagzin "Trends in Cognitive Sciences" reports.

Social Isolation is a major risk factor for premature death and also reduces the body’s defenses, because it directly affects the immune system. A lack of social Stimulation also affects the Thinking and memory performance, and reduced resistance to mental disorders. People who are socially well integrated, had a healthier blood pressure and body weight, as well as less inflammation markers in the blood.

Relationships are üsurvival is important

Strong interpersonal relationships throughout the life span is important. For example, it was found that people, the clubs, groups, sports, churches, or hobby belong to circles, a nearly 25 percent lower risk for depression in the future had.

Bzdok explains why social ties are so important: "We are social beings. Interactions and cooperation with other people have driven the rapid rise of human culture and civilization. Social beings have a hard time living if you are forced to be isolated. From babies to the elderly survival relationships are important." The researchers suggest that loneliness has increased in the last ten years, and a challenge for politics and society.