Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

In these foods with the most pesticides are

Bad news for tea drinkers, – no other food residues of pesticides are found.

According to the Federal office for food safety 7.4 percent of the tea were contaminated in the year 2017-samples.

Frequently, the testers found Trimesium – a substance that is formed during the use of glyphosate.

Almost as often, fresh herbs affected. In 7.3 percent of the samples the Tester to high pesticide measured values.

On an inglorious third place peppers landed to high values in 5.5 percent.

According to the Federal office for food safety, the residues are too low to endanger people, nevertheless, you should wash all food before eating, thoroughly, and with a micro fiber cloth.

This applies even if the shell is not edible. When you Cut out the pesticides can get at the edible parts.

If you want to be safer: According to American science of baking baking soda is the best pesticide-defense.

Just water and baking soda and mix the food in it for 15 minutes bathing.

If that is too expensive, you can rely on organic food. To them, there is significantly less residue.

But also in conventionally grown fruits and vegetables there are many varieties without the need for high pesticide values.

In Tests, cut carrots, tomatoes and spring from the onions is particularly good.

In these and ten other types of fruit and vegetables there was not a single sample with high values.