Monday, 4 Dec 2023

Doctors oppose sale of suicide-resources for the seriously ill

The Federal chamber of physicians has positioned itself against new regulations that are to difficult to allow the sick, the purchase of drugs for self-killing. “Physicians aid in Dying, but not to Die”, – is said in the opinion for a hearing in the health Committee of the Bundestag this Wednesday.

There should be an Option for Doctors to recommend it in difficult and hopeless situations of active killing, or participate in it. Human extreme emergencies could be solved with a regulatory administrative act.

The Federal administrative court had decided in 2017 to die willing, in extreme cases, access to a lethal, painless dose of anesthetic, could not be denied. Seriously ill people would have to decide according to the basic law the right to control how and when you get out of life want a divorce. The Federal Ministry of health, however, about the judgment.

In the past year, it instructed the competent Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM), applications of citizens reject it. Until October 2018, 115 applications were received there, 61 times a permit has been denied, 21 the applicant had died in the meantime (read more about it here).

FDP: state for the most seriously ill non durable

The FDP is now calling in a request for a legal clarification. Therefore, to severely and terminally Ill, in a state of extreme distress, the purchase of a narcotic for a self-killing. The current state is for waiting ill Heavy not durable. Some of have to go euthanasia in foreign countries into consideration.

The liberal demand that “requests must be processed within a reasonable time”. If necessary, a Commission should decide on the Basis of a medical assessment of the applications. “We want to create for the Affected legal certainty and make them more self-determination at the end of life,” said the FDP’s Deputy, and medicine rights activist Katrin Helling-Plahr in connection with the submission of the application in October.

The Federal chamber of physicians has highlighted, however, the Palliative care as an Alternative. The German society for palliative medicine, it rejects also, narcotics for suicides. There is a risk that a limit to extreme situations not be possible and a “state obligation to provide assistance with suicide” could be created.

A respect on the count of dealing with the death wish of patients to the medical tasks. First and foremost, it is important, however, to discuss options for the relief of suffering and to find common ways.