Tuesday, 7 Apr 2020

Desire to have children is contagious

Hardly a colleague is pregnant, the following the next: Often one has the feeling that pregnancies are contagious. A new study by the University of Bamberg shows, that in this impression are actually something to it.

It is more likely to have a child, if a brother, sister or a colleague, get also of. The register data for all inhabitants of the Netherlands, including information on siblings and employers. In this way, family researchers were able to investigate the external influence on the family planning.

In the analysis, the scientists also found that pregnancy also trigger a kind of chain reaction: Is a Person of colleagues with the desire to have children, and affects them in turn, her brothers and sisters. And these have an impact on their own colleagues.

Conversely, women who experience hardly any births in your environment get, with a lower probability of children. The mechanisms underlying the infection could not be investigated with the present data, however detailed.