Tuesday, 7 Apr 2020

Dancing against the Coronavirus: state TV is showing scenes from a clinic in Wuhan

These images are intended to show the everyday life in a hospital in the city of Wuhan in the Chinese province of Hubei. There, the novel Coronavirus had broken out already in the past year. In the case of the shown people to be infected patients and to clinic staff. To escape the boredom in quarantine everyday, driving to sports and take dance lessons. The will given by a hospital employee from Xinjiang. The pictures also show men and women that are in the queue then. In the province of Hubei, the number of new cases had risen again on Monday, on Sunday, the authorities of 100 dead and 1933 new cases in the Region were reported. From other countries, cases of the disease have become known. On Sunday travelled to the US citizens from Tokyo to return to their homeland. They landed on a Sunday, and on Monday, two chartered planes on airfields in California and Texas. The passengers of both aircraft had previously been on the cruise ship Diamond Princess was put under quarantine. So they spent two weeks on the sea in front of the Japanese port city of Yokohama. According to the US Ministry of foreign Affairs 300 U.S. citizens returned a total of in your home. 14 of them were positive in the Coronavirus tested. During the flight they had been from the other passengers separated.