Friday, 22 Sep 2023

Coming away from the scale: Here are fitness trainers reveal their best motivational tips

Sometimes it is the fat belly, the way to. Others want to fit in the favorite jeans or a more defined and slimmer look. There are countless reasons to start sports – and they are all good. The effects of sports are not limited only to the purely muscular level they have an effect on the entire body and also our Psyche. The reason is that In the movement of the body happiness releases hormones that put us in a pleasant mood. In addition, it strengthens our self-confidence by giving us the feeling to be able to challenges. “Self-efficacy” call the sports scientists.

Success is measurable – but without a scale

How does the sporting intentions into reality and to achieve your goals? The star has four Fitness trainers, spoken, and your own personal tips asked. Nima Mashagh, Personal Trainer and founder of the athletics Docks in Hamburg, recommends its customers always to focus too much on the scale. For the Motivation it is meaningful to take photos of themselves and to standardize these shots. Means: to take pictures at the same time of the day and to also pay attention to the distance to the mirror. Alternatively, it may also be useful to measure the sizes of the calf or of the thigh and repeat this at regular intervals – for example every two to three weeks. It is important that the tape measure always at the thickest point create.

“Don’t try to measure too often, but rather when you are stuck in a low Motivation and want to see: did something really? If not: do I Need to change anything in my strategy?”, Mashagh explained.

What other tips he and his Team have betrayed you in the Video.