Sunday, 27 Sep 2020

Cholesterol-lowering gut bacteria discovered

Among the thousands of species of bacteria that live in the intestines, researchers have discovered a group, the so much cholesterol to reduce that they affect the metabolism of the people and against heart disease may protect.

According to a recent study, certain intestinal bacteria could be the reason why some people can take cholesterol with the diet, without cholesterol level in blood increases significantly. This researchers from Harvard University report in the United States in the journal "Cell Host and Microbe".

Since the early 1900s, we know bacteria convert cholesterol into a compound called Coprostanol. "We did not know what types of bacteria did this or how it taten", Douglas Kenny, a doctoral student at the Harvard University said. The team of researchers had scoured therefore, data of microbiome analyses, bacterial genes, the only Coprostanol departing people were present. This led the researchers to four genes.

People who had one of these in your Microbiome, left 55 to 75 percent less cholesterol with your feces, and had not contributed to a significantly lower level of cholesterol in the blood as a people, the close of this Bacterial. "To see how well the genes and organisms we have found, with metabolism and cholesterol levels in humans correlate, it was a really exciting and erfreulich", Emily Balskus, Professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Harvard, said.

The increase in the populations of these bacteria in the gut, through diet, probiotics or other treatments that could one day be a possibility to lower the level of cholesterol, the hope of the researcher.