Sunday, 5 Dec 2021

Broken hair how to repair your brittle hair to be healthy again

Broken hair repair: hair is dull, dry and brittle? Then it’s time for Regeneration! With these three simple Tricks the mane looks quickly back to health and cared for.

This Trend is at the moment: is called very long straight hair. For a shiny Rapunzel mane à la Kim Kardashian, many women resort to hair dryer or flat iron, but all the styling effort if the hairs are brittle and broken.

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Causes for dry and brittle hair, there are many: whether it Be heating air, solar radiation or excessive hair care. Also nutritional deficiencies can be a reason for this is that the Hair looks healthy. With the following three tips, you can repair broken hair, easy (and cheap).

Coconut oil over night

With this organic coconut oil will make your hair quickly restore healthy

For a healthy and shiny mane coconut oil is the Beauty weapon of choice. When buying, make sure that it product is a possible untreated (preferably organic). The is gently pressed, so that the valuable fatty acids required for the hair to Regenerate, are not changed.

You will wear regularly before bedtime coconut oil to go on the tips or the head on the skin, after a few weeks you will notice a change. The trick: coconut oil consists of medium chain triglycerides (also MCT fats), which can penetrate thanks to their molecular structure quickly into the hair follicle and efficiently with nutrients.

The right Shampoo

In drugstores there is a large selection of special Shampoos for dry and brittle hair. The best is to opt for a product that contains no sulfates or silicones, but moisturizing ingredients like Keratin, natural Oils or Shea Butter. When buying a mild Conditioners products are recommended with Aloe Vera or Panthenol, in particular. In General, the list of ingredients should be as short as possible.

Vitamin supplements

Biotin is a real Beauty Vitamin. It not only strengthens the hair, but is also the key to beautiful skin and healthy nails. The same is true for the trace element zinc is essential for the formation of Keratin and collagen (constituents of hair, skin and nails) is essential. With special vitamin supplements you can speed up the hair growth is significantly, but you should discuss the taking with a doctor or pharmacist. Biotin is also found in foods such as oatmeal, bananas, eggs, Avocado, nuts and salmon.