Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

Bone broth promotes health?

Supporters of the new health trends, claim that Drinking bone broth fights inflammation, relieves joint pain and intestinal health promotes. Actually be made during the cooking of animal bone collagen and other proteins in the broth that could have a positive impact on health: A new study has shown that ham containing bone substances that protect the heart.

Spanish scientists have studied in the laboratory, whether from the ham bone by boiling and subsequent digestion health-promoting substances are released. In fact, substances that have a positive impact on cardiovascular health. The use of ham bones for making Broths and stews promotes thus may the health. Proteins from animal bones to be decomposed during cooking or by the digestive process in smaller pieces, called peptides. Some of these substances inhibit, for example, disease-relevant enzymes.

In order to examine whether bone from a dried Spanish ham may be a source of useful peptides, researchers have to Leticia Mora exposed, the bones crushed and the bone meal in the laboratory the conditions of human digestion. Then, they examined the effect of the bone samples on the activity of several enzymes, which are involved in cardiovascular diseases. In the process, they found found that the bone peptides blocked Digest the enzymes after Heating, and simulated.