Wednesday, 29 Jan 2020

Better food at work – so it works

Between two meetings, something from the microwave or from a Cafeteria with a limited offer: The lunch on-the-job for many people, a little attention to meal, and healthy food often remains on the track. Maya Vadiveloo, assistant Professor of nutrition and food Sciences at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, USA, gives tips on how you can make it better.

A recent Online survey conducted by the American Heart Association (AHA) and a Food-Service company revealed that more than half of the employees had trouble, a healthy lunch at work to take. 91 percent of respondents were interested in, to make you eat healthier.

Vadiveloo, a member of the AHA Council on Lifestyle and cardiometabolic health, the lunch is extremely important. For example, there is an opportunity to take the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. To stay not to expensive salad bars or Fast Food Restaurants to hang, we recommend you to prepare at home: "I pack almost every day my lunch. I have a Sandwich, some vegetables, fruit and low-sugar yogurt."

If that is too much effort, Vadiveloo advises, first of all, only fruits or vegetables to bring to not the seduction calorie-rich combo meals to a halt. With a bit of organization such meals for several days in advance to prepare: "What you will need for the week, think about it. If you are preparing carrots, you can restore five servings. Or you can hold five Apples."

Forward Thinking also helps, if one eats a day away. You can look at the opportunity for healthy options, and mentally make a choice before the cravings tempted to unhealthy meals, according to the Motto: Tomorrow I’ll order a salad bowl instead of a burrito with a thousand calories. "You make a selection, the at least one Portion of vegetables, fruit, in the ideal case, a variety, some whole grain products and Protein umfasst", Vadiveloo advises.


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