Friday, 22 Sep 2023

After heavy criticism – FDP deletes Tweet to down syndrome

“Trisomy-21 Test must be Cash!”, the FDP called for on Twitter. The Post also included the image of a woman holding a child on the Arm, apparently trisomy 21. Critics of the party to have people with down syndrome as a preventable.

“I can’t believe that this FDP-Post to be real!”, the Federal Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU), wrote. The picture with the child suggest that in the case of a trisomy 21 Test, it would not, perhaps, in the world.

The FDP has deleted the Post, in the meantime, and asks for apology. “We have removed the Posting. For us, the perspective of a child with trisomy 21 is not a bad thing. This misleading impression could win but, apparently, hence the deletion and apology!”, the FDP signed Klöckners Post.

In the coming week is discussed in the Bundestag, whether a blood pregnant test for the detection of Trisomies for Risk to the Fund performance. The Federal Joint Committee of Doctors, health insurance companies and hospitals, the highest decision-making body in the health sector, had previously initiated such a process.

Yet also risk having to pay pregnant women at least 130 Euro expensive blood test. About 40 percent of all expectant mothers in Germany are currently considered high-Risk pregnancies. Because you are older than 35 years or high blood pressure.

Parents come under pressure to justify

For the Tests, the Pregnant women from the 11. Week blood drawn. On the basis of the contained chromosomes parts of the child, which originate primarily from the placenta, can be used to calculate the probability of the child with a trisomy 13, 18 or 21. The accuracy is according to the manufacturer, at 99 percent.

Critics fear that the number of abortions could increase if the blood test for the Pregnant women free of charge. According to estimates, nine out of ten women have an abortion decide, if you learn that your child has a high probability of down syndrome.

By testing people with down syndrome could be in society as “avoidable”, criticize a number of organisations. Parents of children with disabilities were increasingly under pressure for justification.