Sunday, 5 Dec 2021

3700 victims more: New York City number of Corona corrected-dead

In the Corona pandemic in the metropolis of New York so far, significantly more people may have died than expected. The big city on the US East coast added its statistics on the deaths on Tuesday (local time) 3778 “probable” Covid-19-Dead – this brings the total deaths in New York City to more than 10,000. The additional Numbers included, among other things, the Sick, who had died in the emergency room, at home or in a care facility, but not officially positive for the Virus were tested.

A hospital employee convicted of a corpse in New York

The assumption that the dead suffered from Covid-19, lead local authorities, according to media reports on their symptoms. Mayor Bill de Blasio had already reported, before the days of increased deaths of New York citizens in the apartments. First of all, however, remained unclear how the new “probable” cases in international statistics would be taken into account. The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore was one for the city of New York with over 7900 Corona-the dead first, still significantly less than 10,000.


New York in the disaster mode, our Reporter at the epicenter of the Corona-pandemic

Still, hundreds die from it every day

“We went through hell,” mayor Bill de Blasio. “We have to be honest and the enormous impact of this disease on the families acknowledge (…) We (the victims, which have now been added to the Corona-statistics, author’s note.d.Red.) at the time, not confirm, because we had no time to test it, but we thought that it probably was what it was, and we should be fair and be honest in terms of the overall picture”.

New York City is the epicenter of the Corona-crisis in the United States. Also, if the curve of the Infected in the last few days has stabilized, are still dying and hundreds of people per day in the hospitals. By the new census of the victims of New York now has more Deaths per capita than Italy.

The high number of victims leaves its mark: The morgues are full, funeral homes are overrun and the crematoria working around the clock. The numerous cooling truck, waiting in front of the hospitals, the dead to go away, are currently of the urban image.

Sources: REUTERS, the Guardian

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