Sunday, 26 Mar 2023

30, 40, 50, 60 years: the most important rules for your health

What kind of diet, how much exercise and what screening tests do I need now? We say what is important to note in which phase of life and what things you can safely forget.

  • Smoking you should stop at the latest 34 – otherwise, the body can no longer repair the damage.
  • From the age of 40, the heart attack risk for men to rise steeply – especially if four factors apply.
  • For women Sex is a fountain from 60 young men more of a health risk.

Fact: Our physical peak, we reach about 20 years. Now all the organs are working optimally, the efficiency of the eyes, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys is terrific. Thereafter, the cells no longer renew themselves so quickly and in smaller numbers than in the youth, inevitably a slow process begins, the body changes.

However, it is up to you how quickly this development is progressing. The process is slowing down and in some cases considerably, in addition to hesitate, if you take note of certain points. Besides the well-known classics, a healthy diet, exercise and stress reduction also completely new health rules, which are based on current studies and is perfect for the current stage of life:

30plus – the desire to have children, thinking and Preparedness to go

For a man and a woman:

Stop Smoking now

To listen you now with the Smoking. Studies show that people between 25 and 34 years, stop Smoking, gain ten years of life. If you smoke more, you will lose this life-time.

This does not mean, however, that you are allowed to puff up then fully, and no consequences to fear. One of the six dies still in front of his 80. Birthday of the consequences of Smoking.

Learn to cook

At the latest with 30, everyone should be responsible to feed exclusively on Fast Food and Convenience. The reasons for this are obvious: too fat, too much hidden sugar and additives such as flavour enhancers. Try to cook as often as possible fresh for themselves – especially in the summer with salads and side dishes, such as meat, fish and cheese are very simple.

To go to the screening

35 the health insurance for husband and wife to pay every two years, the “health Check-up” with blood – and urine Test, as well as a physical examination. In this way, about Diabetes, high blood pressure, diseases, thyroid and even autoimmune diseases such as rheumatism, discovered at an early stage. In addition, you should take at least now the skin cancer Screening, also as Cash. Of course, the pension should be studies in case of colon cancer and for women breast cancer, men (prostate).

For Women:

Folic acid take before pregnancy

Now, it is high time to plan a Baby. Because from 35, fertility decreases significantly, and fewer ova tires. If you have opted for Junior: Start at least one month before the planned pregnancy with the intake of folic acid supplements. The vital substance is essential to the nervous system of the child develops correctly and prevents the neuralohr defect (open spine).

What you can forget:

Don’t stress with Fitness dates

With 30plus most of them are professionally under a lot of pressure, because you build your career, contacts to maintain, connect – 50 hours of work or more per week are often the rule. The time is so short. Nevertheless, many rushing every second to third day, in addition to Sporting events, to stay fit and slim. However, this need not be.

Once on the weekend keeps exercise also fit, as a recent study shows.

However, you should go during the week, at least during the lunch break, a half hour fast walk – to the long Sitting in front of the Computer to compensate for.

For Men:

Think of your heart

The risk for cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, heart attack and stroke increases for men over 40 dramatically. So try to reduce Stress, to eat low fat, to sleep enough and to refuel fresh air. Most cardiovascular diseases are caused by factors we can influence ourselves. Who Smoking, Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, avoids, reduces the heart risk even at five percent, as a large study shows.

All four of the risk factors apply to you, you can expect almost 100% to get hypertension, Angina pectoris, heart attack, or a stroke.

For Women:

Hormonal changes to the eyes and nose

From 35 years of the woman’s body produces fewer sex hormones. And, at the latest, from the age of 40, many feel this change. The entire metabolism is a little slower. You can faster begin to Overweight, the mucous membranes. dry, even around the eyes and in the nose Sea water spray for the nasal mucosa and eye drops, such as with hyaluronic acid, improving the moistening.

What you can forget:

The Eight-hour rule is obsolete

Sure, too little sleep is unhealthy, makes you fat, promotes dementia and Diabetes. However, the 8-hour rule is obsolete. Sleep scientists now believe it is genetic, how much sleep a person needs between six and ten hours, everything is normal.

For Women:

Bone strengthening

Fact: one in four women over 50 is osteoporosis. Often this only becomes apparent if the first vertebra breaks. Don’t let it come to this: eat calcium-rich (dairy products such as hard cheese), take Vitamin D, soak up the daily 15 minutes of sunlight (in the summer, not in the lunch hours), and rain through light strength training, the formation of new bone.

What you can forget:

Do not use salt renunciation of torture

Each pinch of salt-increases blood pressure – for decades, older people have been annoyed with this rule. Recent studies, however, show that salt-poor diet for blood pressure and heart a lot less than I thought, and even damage can. Salt waiver lowers the blood pressure only slightly (about 1 mmHg), however, increases the risk for sudden cardiac death and heart failure massive.


60plus – more happiness and Serenity be found

For a man and a woman:

Learn an Instrument, Common to maintain

No other activity in the brain as well as play the piano, violin, flute, or guitar training. Studies with over-60-Year-olds clearly show that concentration and memory skills through music lessons increase. Also Singing in the choir, especially in the last third of his Life, happy . Amplified here, the factor company process. Because social contacts and friendships are known to be one of the best Anti-Aging factors.

Protein for the muscles to eat

Although the muscle fiber mass decreases from 30 continuously. With protein-rich food that can, however, stop. Experts recommend that for Bestager 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. A man with 80 kg body weight need 80 grams of protein per day, which are, for example, 50 grams of cheese and 200 grams of Turkey breast. A woman with 60 kilograms, covers the needs with a Serving of salmon and 100 grams of cottage cheese to your day. Anyone who suffers from kidney weakness, should consult his doctor, because a lot of protein can strain the kidneys.

For Men:

Sex is not overrated

The pressure to perform during Sex, especially in men, decreases with the years. Tenderness comes to the fore. Love and Sex is to enjoy men now more often than in younger years. Force, such as with drugs, you should be better nothing, as studies warn. Because frequent orgasms can increase the risk for a heart attack. For women, this risk does not exist. On the contrary, they benefit the health of frequent Sex.

For Women:

Yoga for the brain

Women who regularly go on the Mat, have a better immune system and are able to concentrate particularly well, both factors can decrease with increasing years. Yoga is, therefore, a good tip is to stay physically and mentally young.

What you can forget:

Multi-vitamin tablets

Many of the Older pills are already on the Breakfast table – vitamin. However, the colorful health boosters promise more than you can hold, as many studies have shown. Better: Healthy, varied and fresh food. They provide the vital vitamins and minerals.

There is, however, one exception: B-vitamins. Especially the elderly can not get some of it to little, because of the intestinal absorbed these vital substances properly. So, talk to your doctor about Vitamin B injections work immediately, and the body with the nerves vitamin.

Who was attentive, who has certainly noticed that it is necessary to observe with increasing age, more and more things. Grow old and stay young, is not usually given. However, with a bit of commitment to do it the most, to be healthy and fit older the biological age is often far below what is in the passport. Not for nothing, 60 is the new 40…