Tuesday, 7 Apr 2020

145 euros in the year: the abolition of the private health insurance would cause contributions to decline

If all citizens would be insured by law, could decrease the contributions according to a study, noticeably. People who are currently a member in the statutory health insurance (Shi), could save an average of 145 euros per year, if financially powerful private insured in the statutory health insurance included. This was the result of a on Monday published a representative study of the Berlin-based Iges Institute on behalf of the Bertelsmann Foundation.

According to the investigation, earn privately insured – high earners, civil servants, high-income self-employed – an average of at least 56 percent more than the legally Insured. They are also tend to be healthier. You would be in the Shi, it could be expected a year, with a net financial surplus of 8.7 to 10.6 billion euros, calculated in the study. The contribution rate would be 0.6 to 0.7 percentage points lower.

Properly insured?

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In Europe, only Germany, bar a dual System. “Only if all of the Insured get together, irrespective of income, the risks between the Healthy and the sick balance, can create a viable community of solidarity”, – said Chairman of the Foundation, Brigitte Mohn, according to communication in Gütersloh. The splitting of the weakness of the social cohesion. The civil servants Union dbb contradicted. The demand for the abolition of the dual system was “nonsense,” said dbb-chief Ulrich Silberbach. “Our health care is one of the best in the world.”

The Iges study is based on the latest data (2016) from an annually conducted panel survey of approximately 12,000 households. 2016 – as currently – around-insured 8.8 million people private. The GKV counted in 2016, approximately 70.4 million Insured, currently it is the in-migration due to the well-73.2 million, said Foundation-health expert Stefan Etgeton.

Reconstruction of health and nursing care insurance required

The study also noted a correlation between the regional distribution of privately insured and the establishment of Doctors in the view. The example of Bavaria shows, therefore, that in areas with many Private, many of the Doctors above average in their practices.

A causal link was not demonstrated in the study. The authors of the study assume that “the average of two and a half times the remuneration of medical services for private patients increases the incentives for Doctors, in the already well-served areas with many privately insured to settle down”. It is from the same Doctors, the fee losses, which would cause a PKV-elimination, calculated in the Simulation with a 0.2 to 0.3 percentage points lower rate of contribution.

Employment law

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As a result of the dual system, the Bertelsmann Foundation, warned of solidarity with losses and a weakening of social cohesion. “The average Shi-Insured person pays each year more than necessary, so that high earners, civil servants and self-employed persons can escape the effects of the Solidarity-based compensation”, said Stefan Etgeton of the Foundation. Quite the opposite of the Dar chief stressed that the dual health system was “living in solidarity”, all benefited from the sales of the PKV-Insured. The Shi was completed last year for the first time in 2015, with a loss of around one billion euros. The contributions are shared between the employer and the employee each pay half.

The Bertelsmann Foundation claimed that the dual structure of health care insurance to rebuild. For example, should it be easier to switch from PKV in GKV. The objective of this tag is a built – in ill and nursing care insurance, where all citizens are covered by compulsory insurance. The compulsory insurance limit should be lifted for it. The contributions should be based on the financial performance, not on individual health risk.

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