Monday, 4 Dec 2023

13 amazing facts about the Vagina

The Vagina is far more than just a sexual organ. The surprisingly strong muscle hose can stretch up to a multiple, or, on the contrary, the Penis pinching. He has a highly sensitive bio-system for self-cleaning. And there are even more interesting facts about the Vagina.

Most of the women are well informed about contraception, pregnancy and birth – hardly has a clue when it comes to the Vagina. This has been shown by several studies, such as the International Vaginal Dialogue Survey. Almost every second woman believes, therefore, that the Vagina would be part of the body, you know the least. The Vagina is still a taboo subject. There are a whole range of knowledge, values up to curious facts, to know the worth it are:

1. How the Vagina has your name

The Name comes from the Greek and means vagina, in the sense of a sword or knife sheath. It is, therefore, the tank or the sheath in which the blade is inserted. A symbol is thus the man of his sword, so the Penis into the vagina of the woman – as the coitus in ancient cultures it has often been paraphrased.

2. No standard dimensions for the Vagina

Several studies have dealt with the “Measurement of the woman”. The length of the Vagina varies, therefore, between six and 13 centimeters. The inner labia can be two to ten inches long and five inches wide, the outer somewhat more pronounced. For some, the inner larger than the outer, also that is normal. The clitoris reaches unerigiert a visible length of up to three centimeters, the inner part is at least twice as long.

3. The aroused Vagina

Sexual arousal makes the Vagina, labia and clitoris to swell. The blood flow increases, the biological mechanism is identical with the erection of the man. The inner labia and the clitoris can be up to three times greater than in the non-excited state.

4. More sensitive than the Penis

In the clitoris there are 8000 nerve endings in the glans of the Penis only 4,000. Nowhere else in or on the body, there is such a high nerve density and, accordingly, pronounced sensitivity. The clitoris is the pleasure center of the woman.

5. Muscle Vagina

The Vagina consists of connective tissue and muscles. The vaginal wall consists of smooth muscles and striated muscles. Two further, lateral muscles include the Vagina is loop-shaped. You can work out and the woman can narrow the vagina, thus, arbitrary.