Wednesday, 23 Sep 2020

100,000 people affected portrays: Young woman as she searches in the nasal spray was

Decongestant nose drops can help quickly with a runny nose. Durable in use, however, the mucous membrane is broken and dependent. As Silvia Sommer was addicted to nose drops, and how they managed the exit.

  • Nasal spray, the nasal septum as damaging as cocaine.
  • In the case of a nasal spray-dependence of the smell is lost, the sense and the food tastes like cardboard.
  • The exit from the nasal spray addiction lasts for two to three weeks.

First of all, you had not even noticed that she was actually addicted to the decongestant nasal drops. Because everything, as is the case with most of the dependencies has started, rather slowly. “My Partner complained that I changed in the night always so, according to puff, because apparently my nose a bit,” says Silvia Sommer (Name).

The man advised the young teacher to nose spray and she bought an over-the-counter product containing the active ingredient Xylometazoline. Xylo, as a nasal spray addicts to shorten the substance that acts similarly to adrenaline: it Narrows blood vessels and hence the nasal mucous membranes to immediately reduce swelling.

In the pharmacy, is the high consumption of nasal spray

Every evening she used the Spray, the nose was quickly free. You and the Partner slept wonderfully. Every two weeks, Silvia went to the pharmacy and bought again of your nasal spray. Then the pharmacist spoke to you, whether you would have been accustomed perhaps to the nose spray and no longer get along – maybe depends? “I said nonsense, and went from there, just in other pharmacies,” recalls Silvia.

What you didn’t know back then: Xylometazoline causes in the case of continuous application, the blood vessels in the nose independently of their normal Tonus. Without the substance, they swell immediately.

At least 100,000 people in Germany are dependent on nasal sprays. The German main estimates centre for addiction issues relying on Gerd Glaeske, Professor at the University of Bremen.

Thus, they do not develop dependency, should be Cold to grab the latest after one week, other than de-swelling of the nose spray. In children nasal spray, the ingredients are dosed lower. Sea water nasal sprays, and other salt solutions have no such impact, but addictive.

Nasal mucosa is broken

In total, they used about three years nasal spray. After a few months she noticed the first side effects: The nose was always dry, the nasal mucosa is a crack, it is Borken and inflammation formed. Often she had a nosebleed.

Smell and taste remain on the track

The worst, however, was: you couldn’t smell it. This meant that not only smells not perceive. Also the sense of taste was severely restricted.

The nasal mucosa was already so damaged, that the olfactory receptors were partially destroyed. Finally, in the case of a nasal spray, the nasal addiction by the way, even the wall of the vagina are attacked – much like cocaine.

Without the nose spray a choking tortures of fear

Silvia tried a night without the nasal spray to get along – without success. The nose was without the active ingredient, such as concreted over. The young woman had a massive fear of suffocation, and could do no eye. So, again, the nasal spray, to be able to at least sleep. A few weeks went on, she tried it again without the nose spray, but failed. Finally, you asked in your previous tribe, a pharmacist, how to get the nose without Xylo-free.

First children’s nasal spray, then sea salt

You will get to children’s nose drops, which are dosed much lower. In addition, products with sea salt for easy breathing and a nasal spray with Dexpanthenol the damaged supports nasal mucosa Healing. “I have gradually used less and less, and after about three weeks I no longer needed the funds,” says Silvia.

In the case of coryza only children nasal spray

Today, she makes a wide arc around the nose spray at least the funds are intended for adults. “If I have a cold, I use a Nose remedies for children or, better still, sea salt nose spray,” says the educator. Other products will not be able to tolerate more, you also even, burn her, and she gets from you with nose bleed .

Because so completely regenerates your nose have mucous membranes until today, even though the dependency is already eight years back. What discourages you as an Ex-“nasal spray addict“ Concerned? “The slow exit with a children’s nasal spray will perform, and at best, only a nose hole handle, then the choking fears to the withdrawal from the stay.” With the Partner at the time, Silvia, summer, together, by the way.