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Tricks for working moms to build a rapport with their kids

When possible, try to wake up your child with a big hug; it will help in building an emotional connection. Don't forget to snuggle at night.

By Kanchan Mittal

The very first person a child bonds with and recognises is the mother. And to keep this bonding strong there must always be conversation to maintain a strong rapport. Here are some tips for working mothers to bond with their child.

The morning hug

When possible, try to wake up your child with a big hug; it will help in building an emotional connection. Don’t forget to snuggle at night.

Family time

Give family time to your child; whenever possible try to take your child to family gatherings. Teach them to wish others, especially elders, when meeting someone or departing from a place. It will be easy for them to mingle when you are by their side. Rather than forcing, encourage them to join such meeting as pressurising them against their will result in a big ‘No’.

Listen to your child

Sharing anecdotes with our children will encourage them share their thoughts with us. Be a good listener and pay attention as this will build confidence that their words are important and they will not hesitate to express themselves. This will give you quality time with your children. Also try to avoid phone calls during this period as it can disrupt the conversation.

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Fulfill your promises

Be genuine and try to keep promises to your child. If a child is certain about things you promise, it builds their esteem in a peer group. Seeing you fulfill your promises, child will also try to keep his/her words.

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Talk to your child

Whatever the situation you are facing in your workplace do not let it affect your quality time with your child. Do talk to your child about his/her day. And if you cannot; ask them to give you some time but don’t skip the conversation. You can keep your discussions age-appropriate, when talking about issues. Also ask them for their views in important family conversations.

Be proud of your job

Be in love with your status of a working mother and show your child how much you love them and your work too. Your respect towards your work will make your child respectful towards your work and theirs as well.

Conclusively, parents should spend more time with their children rather than providing them materialistic luxuries. Things can provide them joy for some time, but replacing your presence with things sends the wrong message. Being available to your children helps in their overall development.

Building a rapport won’t work out in a day or two; dedication is must for achieving any goal. Listening to your child without being judgmental lets them open up their heart to you; they feel comfortable as you are being genuine.

Talk a lot with your child whenever you get a chance. Try to make the most of those golden hours as you create memories that you will both remember them. Building a rapport is good for their emotional, functional as well as social development.

(The writer is Co-Founder and COO of Ipsaa.)

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