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These Bird-Inspired Baby Names Are Perfect for Your Littlest Peeps

On June 28, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend dropped a bombshell: they had welcomed a surprise baby boy via surrogate! But equally delightful is his adorable, bird-inspired name — Wren Alexander Stephens. And even though Wren isn’t a name you hear too often yet, Teigen and Legend are hopping on a bird baby name trend. Wren is currently standing in the top 200 most popular baby names, per the U.S. Social Security Administration’s data. And its spinoffs, Wrenley and Wrenlee, are gaining major traction too, entering the top 1000 most popular names for the first time ever in 2022.

In your search for the perfect baby name, you may have to explore different avenues if regular popularity lists aren’t inspiring you. So if Wren isn’t your cup of birdseed, check out these other adorable bird names for babies! They all either literally mean “bird,” are a type of bird, or are associated with birds in some manner. Whether you adore small songbirds or large, powerful hunters of the sky, there is definitely a name here for your new little hatchling.

One note: while we have them listed into “boy” and “girl” categories, there are plenty of unisex options on the list that can easily be used for either gender — like Wren, Raven, Roan, Talon, and Robin!

Baby boy names that mean “bird”

  • Altair: Comes from an Arabic element that means “bird”
  • Birtle: This unique boy name means “hill of birds”
  • Burdett: This bird baby name has Middle English origins
  • Byrd: Meaning “birdlike,” this name has an Old English origin
  • Corbin: Derived rom the French corbeau, meaning “raven”
  • Covey: This gorgeous name means “brood of birds”
  • Crane: From the name of the long-legged bird
  • Cransford: A more formal name, this probably refers to cranes as well
  • Eagle: A strong name, this refers to the bird of prey
  • Efron: This Hebrew name means “singing bird”
  • Fowler: This is an occupational name and means “bird trapper”
  • Gannet: This is the name of a seabird that lives on cliffs and rocks
  • Hawk: Another name that refers to a bird of prey
  • Jay: Ordinarily a nickname for a more formal name, this also refers to a type of bird
  • Phineus: The meaning of this one may come from the Greek phinis, meaning “vulture”
  • Phoenix: Derived from a Greek myth, this bird dies and then rises from its own ashes
  • Roan: Derived from the old German hraban, which means “raven”
  • Starling: A type of bird
  • Talon: This name means the claw of a bird of prey
  • Tern: A marine bird
  • Torio: This Japanese name means “bird’s tail”
  • Vireo: The name of a pretty green migratory bird

Baby girl names that mean “bird”

  • Aderyn: A modern Welsh name that literally means “bird”
  • Alouette: This French name means “lark”
  • Altaira: Meaning “bird,” this name has Arabic roots
  • Ava: Possibly derived from the Latin word for “bird”
  • Birdie: A super-cute vintage name, this of course means “bird”
  • Cholena: This Delaware Indian name means “bird”
  • Circe: A mythological name that means “bird”
  • Daya: A Hebrew name, this means “bird of prey”
  • Deora: Meaning “bird, a swallow,” this name has Hebrew origins
  • Dove: A lovely, simple bird name
  • Eileen: This classic name means “bird”
  • Einan: This sweet name means “little bird”
  • Enara: Means “swallow (bird)” in Basque
  • Jena: Of Sanskrit and Arabic origins, this name means “little bird”
  • Kanara: A Hebrew name, this means “little bird, canary”
  • Lark: A gorgeous, singular name, this reflects the playful songbird of the same name
  • Linette: Of Welsh and Old French origins, this means “a small songbird”
  • Palila: A Hawaiian name, this means “bird”
  • Phoebe: This is another name that comes from a type of bird
  • Raven: The name of a large, black bird
  • Robin: Super-cute bird name
  • Tori: This stand-alone name has Japanese roots and means “bird”
  • Wren: This is another name of an actual bird
  • Zippora: A Hebrew name, this means “bird”

From Aire to Violet, here are a few of our favorite celebrity baby names inspired by nature.

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