Sunday, 4 Jun 2023

Katy Perry Invited North West to Perform With Her for A Super Cool Reason

Practicing all those TikTok dances has finally paid off, because North West got to showcase her talent on stage — for Katy Perry!

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On Sunday, Kim Kardashian shared several clips to her Instagram Stories of her 9-year-old daughter, who she shares with Kanye West, appearing on stage with the “When I’m Gone” singer during her Las Vegas PLAY residency on Saturday night, per PEOPLE. Perry revealed the reason why she invited North on stage in one of the videos.

“So the reason I know your name is because I’m a huge fan of your TikTok,” Perry told North. “I’ve seen a couple of them that you’ve made. You’re a really good dancer, and I thought what better way to be a great dancer [than] to show the world your awesome dance moves?”

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Um, what?! How awesome is that? Imagine going to a concert and Katy Perry herself calling you up on stage and revealing that she watches your TikTok. It would be equal parts embarrassing and the coolest thing in the world.

During the moment on stage, the “Teenage Dream” singer also asked North how old she was, then said, “At 9 years old I started singing, that’s when I found my little spark.” So now she’s encouraging North to find her little spark, too? I’m starting to feel so emotional! Her friends even got to join her on stage, and they all did cartwheels and other dance moves with Perry’s background dancers.

Kardashian also re-shared a photo on her Instagram Story of North and her friends posing with Perry.

  • Kim Kardashian Praised Katy Perry

    Image Credit: Getty Images

    The American Idol judge shared an Instagram post tagging Kardashian and friends Sia and Paris Hilton. “Love when my girlies come out to #PLAY🍄 @kimkardashian @siamusic @parishilton ♥️♥️♥️,” she wrote.

    In one video, Kardashian and Perry are posing for a selfie. Perry asks the SKIMS founder what she thought of the show, and Kardashian responds: “Honestly, I’m the biggest Katy Perry fan.”

    Perry makes a shocked face and Kardashian adds, “And I’m not just saying that ‘cause you’re here. Like…’cause I don’t associate you with what’s on stage,” she laughs.

    “Well, if you’re a big fan, can I finally be a sister?” Perry asks. Kardashian smiles and says, “Yes.”

    Perry cheers and Kardashian says, “Katy! We even have the same initial!”  

  • North Loves Dancing With Celebrities

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    Perry isn’t the first celebrity North has danced with. In Nov. 2022, she went backstage at a Lizzo concert and did a TikTok dance with the “Truth Hurts” singer. 

    And in Feb. 2023, she joined Monroe “Roe” Cannon, 11, and her mom Mariah Carey for a TikTok lip synching to Carey’s song, “It’s A Wrap.” 

    She hasn’t posted any TikToks from Perry’s concert yet, but hopefully she will soon!

  • North Is So Cool

    Image Credit: Corbis via Getty Images

    Yesterday, Kardashian shared two new photos of North, and she is so cool. North is wearing a black hat over her braided hair and a diamond choker necklace as she sits in a red vinyl booth. She is holding what looks like a Shirley Temple drink and eating chips as she stares off camera.

    “Poetic Justice,” The Kardashians star captioned the post. Khloe Kardashian commented, “She is the coolest kid in town.”

    Saweetie wrote, “Icon.”

    “She is so iconic like her parents 💓👑,” someone else commented.

    North is the coolest 9-year-old we’ve ever seen! 

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