Saturday, 3 Dec 2022

Kaavia James is Crowned the Clear Winner in This Dance Battle for the Ages

Don’t test Kaavia James when it comes to dancing. You will lose. The 3-year-old entered into a friendly competition with an unsuspecting stranger and came in first. She shimmied, she sashayed, she kicked one leg in the air. All while wearing pink crocs, no less.

Footage of the epic dance-off was shared on Kaavia’s Instagram, which is run by her parents, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade. She can be seen putting all her best moves against the man a few seats down. “He really tried it! But I think it’s pretty clear who won this dance battle…” the caption read.

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People flooded the comment section to give Kaavia all her props. “Get it girl! You got the moves 😍❤️” one fan wrote. Another declared: “Yes twirl on him.💃💃😂”

We’ve gotten a few glimpses of Kaavia’s dance moves in the past, and it’s solid A+ material all around. In July, we saw her walk the runway as she rocked fashionable threads from Beyonce’s clothing collection Ivy Park. Come for the chic modeling and stay for Kaavia’s emphatic boogies at the end.

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And then there was that time that she performed a very fun, very creative poolside shimmy, before topping it off with an elegant dive into the pool. “It’s always time for a dance break,” the caption read. “Interpretative dance is my jam. Stay entertained my friends.”

When she’s not breaking down her best dance moves, Kaavia is speaking her truth at all times. Union has called her daughter a “little roast comedian” who is always “brutally honest.” The actress was extra nervous about Kaavia seeing her latest film. Cheaper By the Dozen, which was released in March 2022. “I mean, the woman told me to my face that my breath stinks, so I got to hold off on this movie, make sure she’s in a good mood. Otherwise, I don’t know what kind of grade she’s gonna give us,” Union quipped to ET.

Ahh, Kaavia. Our absolute favorite dancing queen and Shady Baby, forever and always.

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