Thursday, 21 Sep 2023

Jennifer Hudson Opens up About Her Teen Son’s Confidence at School: ‘He’s So Evolved’

Jennifer Hudson is getting real about raising her teen son David Otunga Jr., who turns 14 on Aug. 10, and her inspiring words give hope for parents everywhere. The Jennifer Hudson Show star graced the September cover issue of REAL SIMPLE, which goes on sale Aug. 18, to talk about the complexities of raising a Black teenager, and the way in which he inspires her.

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  • September 2023 Cover of REAL SIMPLE

    Image Credit: Chrisean Rose/REAL SIMPLE

    (Chrisean Rose/REAL SIMPLE. The September issue of REAL SIMPLE is on sale August 18.)

    In the interview, Hudson explained that her son David, who she shares with ex David Otunga, is about to start his freshman year of high school. “My son goes to a predominantly white school and he has giant hair, a whole afro,” she told REAL SIMPLE. “And he loves to walk in there with the big old ‘fro and the pick in his hair.”

    This is a bold move to Hudson, who asked her son, “Do you realize the statement you’re making? Know that just wearing your hair like that is a statement alone.” David knows and is completely confident in who he is. Hudson continued, “He’s very rooted in who he is and okay with that. I didn’t grow up like that.” We love seeing the next generation go forth with more confidence than we did!

    “It’s a completely different time,” she added. “And being a mom of a Black son, there are certain things you have to make him conscious of and aware of. And who he is within the world. And there’s so many layers he has to learn, but now he’s at an age where he can fully understand it. And he’s so evolved beyond what I could ever imagine.”

  • Jennifer Hudson Enjoys ‘David Walks’

    Image Credit: Chrisean Rose/REAL SIMPLE

    (Chrisean Rose/REAL SIMPLE. The September issue of REAL SIMPLE is on sale August 18.)

    One way Hudson connects with her teen is through daily walks. “I also make a point to have my David walks,” she told REAL SIMPLE. “A little walk in the morning with my son to Starbucks. It helps me gather myself by finding even little moments, because everything is in little small windows. It’s stealing the mini vacations for yourself.”

    Speaking of finding mini vacations, Hudson is also trying to make herself a priority.

    “We sometimes forget about ourselves,” she told the outlet. “I was just at home, and I was like, ‘I got this big old house, but the only space I have in it is my bedroom.’ That’s like life: We give so much to everybody that we end up, as women and mothers, in a little corner of our own lives. Why not give ourselves space, grace, compassion, and consideration? That’s something I’m working on. I’m always trying to get better at life.”

  • David Is a ‘Good Kid’

    Image Credit: Chrisean Rose/REAL SIMPLE

    (Chrisean Rose/REAL SIMPLE. The September issue of REAL SIMPLE is on sale August 18.)

    The “If This Isn’t Love” singer also talked about how lucky she is to have a “good kid.”

    “Well, I’m blessed—he’s a good kid,” Hudson told REAL SIMPLE. “As all my boys know, you got to know how to act and behave. The more responsible you show to be, then the more you’re allowed to do. For little David, my biggest thing is getting his priorities in order. Knowing education comes first, clean your room, and help take care of home. Learn how to help out and contribute. Those are things that he is learning.”

    In June, Hudson made sure to highlight the importance of education in a graduation post. She shared several photos of David in his cap and gown from his middle school graduation on Instagram. 

    “It’s official !!! My baby is a high schooler now !” she wrote. “We had such a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends. I am sooo proud of you DOJ ! Team Jhud can yal help give DOJ a huge congratulations ! 🎓” So sweet!

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