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Ethereal & Unique 'Angelcore' Baby Names

For literally thousands of years, humanity has been fascinated by angels. These otherworldly beings appear in scripture, literature, and artwork. They are a symbol of protection, of hope, of guidance, and a reminder of the divine. When we think of an angel, we typically think of one that fits the typical “angelcore” aesthetic: light, ethereal, gentle. And that’s definitely a part of the lore — but in the Bible, they are also portrayed as fierce and powerful warriors with lethal abilities. That being said, it’s no wonder people are drawn to angel baby names; they can encompass either darkness or light, and embody all the character traits we hope to bestow upon our kids.

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For a long time, the front runner in the realm of angel baby names has been, well, Angela. In the 1970s, it ranked as high as #7 on the U.S. Social Security’s list of the top 1000 most popular baby names. (Stop for a second and count up all the Angelas and Angies you know!) A close second is Angel, which — as of last count in 2021 — was at #62 for boys and #521 for girls.

While admittedly less-obvious references, there are so many more names out there that pay homage to the beauty and power of angels. We’ve put together a list of names for both boys and girls, comprised of angels from religion and mythology and names that actually mean angel. They’re as unique as they are beautiful, and most come with the option of shortening them into nicknames if your little one grows up and decides a long name is not the vibe. These angel baby names are perfect for your little angel … even if you want them to grow into a bad*ss.

  • Cassiel

    In medieval Jewish, Christian, and Islamic mysticism, Cassiel is the name of an archangel said to protect people born under the sign of Capricorn — but this gorgeous angel baby name is perfect for any time of year. Traditionally it’s a masculine name, but could definitely work for a girl as well, so it’s very gender-neutral in the landscape of present-day baby names.

  • Celeste

    While Celeste isn’t the name of an angel, it certainly fits with the angel baby name theme — because it stems from the Latin Caelestis, meaning “heavenly”. It has been used as both a masculine and feminine name, but is definitely more feminine-leaning these days.

  • Evangeline

    Evangeline is a beautiful and lyrical pick — not only does it literally contain the word “angel”, but it also fits right in with the current trend of “maximalist” girl names. Of Greek origins, it means “good news” … and the best news of all is that it’s also packed with potential nicknames: Evie, Lina, Angie, the list goes on.

  • Gabriel

    Meaning “God is my strength”, Gabriel is also the name of one of the most well-known angels in the Bible, most famously recognized for revealing the birth of Jesus to his mother Mary. But he appears in other religious texts as well: in Islamic tradition, Gabriel dictated the Quran to the prophet Muhammad.

  • Lailah

    In some interpretations of the Talmud, Lailah is the angel of conception and pregnancy (fitting!) and is associated with night. In fact, that’s the meaning of the name itself: night.

  • Raphael

    The name Raphael comes from the Hebrew name Rafa’el, meaning “God heals” (which is why it can also be spelled as Rafael). In Hebrew tradition, Raphael is the name of an archangel, and known in many religions as the patron saint of healing.

  • Sariel

    Sariel is the name of an archangel mainly known in Judaism, who was said to be the (benevolent!) angel of death. The name is likely derived from Zerachiel (also spelled Sarakiel), meaning “God’s command”.

  • Malachi

    When it comes to angel baby names, you literally can’t get any more perfect than Malachi – because this Hebrew name means “my angel”! The “ch” at the end is pronounced like a K, so if you wanted to ensure that people pronounce it correctly, you could also opt to spell it Malakai.

  • Yael

    First, let’s clear up some confusion; like Malachi, this one is relatively easy to mispronounce. While you may want to pronounce it like the ivy-league Yale, it’s actually a two-syllable name — yah-ELLE. And though it isn’t an angel name — it means “mountain goat” — it does have Biblical roots (in the Bible, Yael is a strong woman who kills an oppressor). And its sound goes well with the rest of the picks for the angel baby name aesthetic.

  • Anahera

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    While you could shorten it with the nickname Ana, we love the melodic flow of this beautiful baby name that means “angel” in Maori.

  • Zuriel

    Meaning “strength of God”, Zuriel is traditionally masculine but with the “el” ending would be just as wearable on a girl, which makes it a great choice as a unisex name (plus it has the added bonus of the cute nickname Zuri). Zuriel is said to be the angel of harmony and balance, who watches over those born under the sign of Libra.

  • Seraphina

    The name Seraphina is derived from the Biblical term seraphim. But if you think it fits the traditional angel stereotype, think again — because it means “fiery-winged”. That’s right: according to the Bible, seraphim are the most powerful angels, infused with fire. That makes this standout name a shoo-in if you want to name your daughter something strong and fierce.

  • Malak

    This name doesn’t necessarily sound like an angelic name, but Malak is the Arabic word for “angel” — so its meaning fits right in.

  • Caelia

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    This name is very similar to the ever-popular Kylie thanks to their shared beginning (the “cae” in Caelia sounds like the “ky” in Kylie). But Caelia’s spelling and -ia ending make it more ethereal-sounding and feminine. It’s derived from the Latin caelum, meaning “heaven”.

  • Ambriel

    While the exact meaning of this name is unclear, Ambriel is an angel associated with the month of May and the zodiac sign Gemini — but no matter what month your baby is born in, this is a unique name they won’t meet anywhere else. Its close proximity to the popular and recognizable Gabriel makes it a great alternative if you feel like Gabriel is too mainstream. If you want to give it a more feminine vibe, spell it Ambrielle.

  • Aniela

    We promised that this list of angel baby names would go beyond Angela — but this one is definitely the closest. Aniela is the pretty Polish form of Angela, which means, of course, angel!

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