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Brittany Mahomes Says Daughter Sterling Is in a Phase That All Toddler Moms Will Relate To

Toddler moms, send help! Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes’ daughter Sterling Mahomes turns 2 later this month, and she just entered a new (super annoying) phase: taking off her clothes!

Brittany shared a new photo of Sterling on her Instagram Story yesterday. Her curly-haired daughter is sitting crouched down with nothing but socks on. In front of her, she holds out a diaper that she just took off, which, luckily, doesn’t look dirty.

“And here we are 😂,” the Kansas City Current co-owner — who also shares son Bronze, 2 months, with her Kansas City Chiefs quarterback husband — captioned the picture.

Taking off their clothes — in public or at school or at home, it doesn’t matter — is something all toddlers do. According to What To Expect, this usually happens around ages 2-4 as a way for toddlers to assert control, show off their newfound skills, or simply because it feels good. You can’t blame them — they’re exploring the world! But you can complain about it. This milestone is so frustrating, especially when they decide to strip down as you’re trying to run out the door. Or, worse, if they take off their dirty diaper and create poop artwork on the walls. (It’s gross, but it happens to the best of us!)

It turns out, getting naked isn’t the only way Sterling is exerting her control over the family. Brittany shared another video of Sterling drinking one of her parents’ BioSteel drinks.

“A day in the life of Ster,” Brittany says in the video. “And she just opened the fridge and said BioSteel. It’s her favorite drink.”

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She just decided she was thirsty, so she helped herself to a drink of her choice! Hey, who can blame her for that? Later, Brittany shared another video on her Instagram Story of some quality bonding time between Sterling and her dad. In it, Sterling plays on a bounce house (fully clothed this time), while Patrick snoozes next to her. It’s super relatable.

“Greatest video I have ever taken 😂 @patrickmahomes,” Brittany joked.

Whether they are stripping down when you least expect it, running wild in the house, or simply existing — toddlers are exhausting! I don’t blame Patrick for catching some rest when he can. At least Brittany seems to be able to laugh at all the shenanigans Sterling gets up to!

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