Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

Blood test for down syndrome to Fund performance

In one of the most controversial health policy issues of recent years, signs of a solution: The statutory health insurance funds in the future to take over the cost for a prenatal blood test for down’s syndrome. A corresponding draft decision of the competent decision-making body has agreed to in principle.

The Joint Federal, Esau shot (G-BA) of health insurance companies, Doctors, hospitals, and patient representatives to propose, therefore, that the statutory funds to pay for the Test – but only if there were special risks or abnormalities in the pregnancy.

Still controversial, the Details. Thus, the patient’s representative request that the Test will not be paid until after the twelfth week of pregnancy. In the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, abortion in Germany is not a criminal Offence, if the women have previously visited a conflict of advice.

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22. March wants to initiate, the Joint Federal Committee formal opinion process for its draft decision. The final decision is expected to fall in the late summer.

Many couples opt for a termination of pregnancy

Since 2012, there are on the German market genetic testing for Trisomies, which is already the tenth week of pregnancy. In the blood the expectant mother laboratory experts, looking for genetic material of the unborn child. The investigation is in contrast to amniocentesis as a risk-free.

Among politicians, disabled people’s associations and ethics experts, the Test is controversial, however, since many parents opt for a positive result for an abortion. The Bundestag, too, will soon debate a similar genetic tests and their consequences.

The Konstanz-based company LifeCodexx, launched the first product of this kind under the name of PraenaTest in Europe on the market, reported that it sold more than 150,000 of these Tests, half of them in Germany.

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