Monday, 16 May 2022

Bead jewellery to stamps: 3 DIY crafts your kids can make in less than an hour

Wondering how to keep your kids engaged? Get them to try these super-easy and colourful crafts, which they will surely enjoy making.

Art and craft not only hones your child’s creativity but also improves his or her core skills, which further impact their academic achievements. We bring you three easy DIY crafts, courtesy graphic designer Ritika Jain that your kids will enjoy making.

Bead jewellery

What you need

Polymer clay, acrylic paint, brushes of various sizes, design knife, jewellery accessories, white thread, varnish

How to make

1. Roll out the clay into small balls.

2. Make a small hole in each ball with the design knife to make a bead.

3. Bake the beans in a pre-heated oven for half-an-hour at 150 degrees.

4. After the beads have cooled, paint your design on them with acrylic paint. Apply varnish.

5. Thread the beads and close the ends with jewellery accessories like hooks or push-ins.

Kirigami card

What you need

Envelope, readymade card, pencil, glue, scissors, design knife, coloured paper (green and yellow)

How to make

1. Draw three different-sized leaves on a green paper.

2. Draw the veins of the leaves so you can cut them out.

3. Draw a couple of flowers on a white sheet and cut them out with the design knife.

4. Draw smaller flowers on a yellow sheet and cut them out as well.

5. Compose all the elements on the card and glue them on as you wish.

Eraser stamp

What you need

Card, eraser block, design knife, colour

How to make

1. Draw any shape on the thick eraser block.

2. Cut out the unwanted areas of the eraser with the design knife.

3. Your stamp is ready to be used with any colour.

4. Dip your stamp in a colour of your choice and use it on cards or gift tags.

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