Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

10 Free (or Inexpensive) Warm Weather Activities to Do In the City With Kids

Even families that love staying in and spending time at home start feeling the need to get out and go on adventures as the weather heats up. Though the official spring break has passed, there are still so many things to do with the kids and ways to go out and enjoy the warmer weather. After being inside for what feels like forever, getting out and about is just what most of us need. Being a mom of three myself, I am always on the lookout for new ideas of inexpensive and/or free things to do in my city. While I want to keep my kids and myself active, I also like to save a little when I can. I live in a big city so there are always new things to do and explore. However, here are some ideas for things that you can do in your city, big or small. 

Go on a nature walk

Nature is literally everywhere! You don’t have to go to a huge park or a trail to take in what nature has to offer. This could be as simple as a walk around your neighborhood. If you have young children as I do, a nature scavenger hunt is always fun. See who can find a certain color leaf, type of flower, rock, etc. You can also check out your community’s local public garden if that’s a thing where you live. 

Ride bikes/scooters

My kids love to ride their bikes and scooters ANYWHERE. This is a great way to get active together as a family because most people can ride one or the other. Just make sure you have the appropriate safety gear!

Attend a street fair/festival

As the weather warms up street fairs and festivals begin to pop up. While you might spend a little bit of money here on street food (or bubble wands), this is the perfect opportunity to support local vendors in your city. There’s also a chance to discover new products and/or businesses that you may want to support in the future. 

Have a picnic

Pack up your favorite snacks and enjoy your food outside! Bring your family’s favorite books or outdoor toys and take a couple of hours to enjoy the warm weather.

Head to your local library

Libraries still exist! With so much access to digital products, I often forget the joy that came with doing simple things like going to the library. Getting a library card is free (and was a big deal when I was a kid) and a first trip can be super special for kids! It’s also a good idea to check the programming at your local library as some still offer free storytime and activities for children. 

Play outdoor games

Aside from traditional sports like soccer, basketball, etc, there are plenty of creative outdoor games you can play with the entire family. Break out the chalk and draw a hopscotch board. You can also jump rope or play games like “Red Light, Green Light”. 

Have a bubble party

Because who doesn’t love bubbles? And local 99-cent stores sell tons of inexpensive bubble solutions and bubble machines. Bubbles keep my younger kids entertained for hours and not at a large cost. 

Get in the garden

Plant flowers, fruit, veggies, or anything you’d love to see grow! And if you happen to live in a big city where gardening isn’t really a thing, check out your local community garden and take a class. There are also classes offered at certain home improvement stores for little or no cost. 

Check out a new park

Venture a little further than your usual playground and check out a new one. This creates the opportunity to potentially make new friends. Also, I’ve found that all parks are not the same! So walk a little further because the splash pad at the other playground just might be worth it!

Head to a smaller museum/zoo

In a city with large museums aplenty, the smaller local museums are usually a fraction of the cost and tend to share more community history. Check the calendar for a discount or half-price days and enjoy! 

As parents, it can be hard to come up with ideas to get your family out of the house sometimes. But with a little bit of research and creativity, you’ll find that your city (big or small) has a lot to offer! 

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