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Worse than dental caries: The new epidemic of chalk teeth behind it

They are not only unsightly, but also have painful consequences: chalk teeth are well on the way to the people’s disease.

The German society for Dental, oral and craniomandibular Sciences (DGZMK) has issued a warning against the disease: One third of twelve-year-old is already affected by chalk teeth. So chalk teeth in this age group even more common than tooth decay.

But what is the phenomenon of the "Kreidezähne" actually, understood?

Chalk teeth can not heal

Chalk teeth are not caused by lack of dental hygiene, but when the mineralization of the tooth enamel is impaired.

This means that in children the enamel of the permanent teeth are not properly developed and the teeth are softer and more vulnerable.


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The teeth don’t get then just Furrows, and yellow-brownish discoloration, but are also sensitive to eat, Drink and brush your teeth. Consequently, dental caries also has a lighter game.

In order to prevent the teeth will always be porous, will be given to the Affected children and young people, therefore, regularly Fluoride to the teeth. There is also fluoride-to-buy-containing toothpaste in drugstores, dentists for daily use highly recommend.

There is no cure for chalk teeth however.

Causes of chalk teeth

What caused the Cretaceous teeth, can not be said clearly, but only suspected.

The DGZMK writes in the message: “An essential role in the formation seem to play a plasticizer of plastics, which are taken with the food.”

In animal experiments, it was found, therefore, a connection between Bisphenol A-consumption (BPA) and the development of the disease.

Unfortunately, BPA is omnipresent in our everyday lives, when food with a plastic comes in contact with. In studies BPA could be, therefore, both in the blood and urine as well as in the amniotic fluid and uterine tissues of humans found.

Since the Melting process is already starting in the eighth month of pregnancy up to the fourth year, there could be also negative influences during pregnancy on the disease impact.

In addition to a lot of contact with plastic soft infectious diseases as well as antibiotics as causes are creators also conceivable. Of a certainty there is not yet, however.

Also, Wolfgang Menke, President of the dentists chamber Bremen can comment on previously: “no one knows exactly what the cause is. It is not even clear whether it has taken into consideration all these theories and hypotheses really the right cause already.“


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