Sunday, 4 Jun 2023

Woman sheds 7st in just 12 months by following this programme: ‘I feel a lot fitter’

Then she joined Xercise4Less’ Transformation Camps when her weight journey began to accelerate.

She added: “I’m a person that needs a little push in the right direction, so I booked my first camp in June 2018 and it was the best thing I ever did.

“My weight loss became steady and regular and my shape started changing. I’ve done every camp since and I’ve now lost a total of 7st in a year.

“My goal going to the camp originally was just to give me that little boost to help move some pounds and get a little bit fitter, but I fell in love with the Transformation Camp because I love the gyms environment.”

When it came to her diet, Leanne would have a diet whey shake in the morning, followed by an omelette, jacket potato, or salad.

As for dinner, she enjoyed chicken or fish with vegetables or salad, with a portion of rice and pasta.

Leanne also substituted the fast food snacks for low fat yoghurt and fruit, and ditched sugary drinks for water.

“I feel a lot fitter and healthier,” she concluded.

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