Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

Why women fall more slowly – and nothing can

Mr Froböse, is it true that men and women lose weight differently?

Men have the better cards, because you have about 15 percent more muscle mass, so a larger amount of active mass. These muscles need much more energy and calories. For the same behaviour men have to take off about 10-15% faster than women.

This advantage extends over the whole weight loss phase, or can be reunited with the women?

In General, men are not as disciplined as women. Women have a higher body awareness, a better Feeling. The effect on the will and the perseverance.

There are differences in how men and women approach Slimming?

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse teaches at the German sport University in Cologne. Froböse is the author of numerous books, including “Beauty-Fitness-formula: day-to-day look better with the metabolism program”.

Women try it is mostly about the diet. The men are only rarely the case, the do not want to abandon their rituals, such as the piece of meat and the Sausage. In terms of diet, change in women much faster and easier to their practices. They are more willing to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet. Men prefer to do more Sport, rather than a diet.

Keyword: Weight Watchers: Why it is mainly women who perceive such offers?

Women are more likely to include ready to calories, to which men have not in the mood.

What decides a man to take and what time is a woman?

A man needs mostly a push from the outside. For example, the partner says: ‘hurry up!’ Women are more likely to opt for this to take off. You’ll want to consult with Friends, look in the mirror and react very much sensitive to the smallest changes. Men talk about their weight, often beautiful, with statements such as: ‘a man without A belly is no man.’ That would say a woman never.

What role metabolism plays with weight loss?

Optimal metabolism is vital to long-term and sustainable weight. If I go three times to run a week for an hour, I’m gonna burn maybe 1500 calories. This has no effect on the total amount. I need a metabolism that is working 168 hours in the week for me. I have to change him and to a higher level, in order to increase my daily energy turnover, then the removal works.

And as I drive my energy up?

The one with a higher proportion of muscle mass. It is the largest metabolic organ and also burns in rest of sugar – even if I’m just sitting on the Couch. The Second is endurance training. So I raise the combustion turnover figures of the muscles. This is done through the mitochondria. They are activated on the oxygen demand of the muscle cell and can be trained. An endurance athlete has about double the number of these mitochondria. For him, this leads to a doubling or even a tripling of the energy sales. In order to change the overall system is at rest, it takes a combination of muscle and endurance training.

What is the difference between the energy sales for men and women?

In General, men are the same height and same body weight, 15-20 percent more energy sales. This depends on the active mass. The power in the sum of approximately 200-400 calories per day.

How is the burning of fat between the sexes?

Fat burning in women, usually lower. Due to the higher muscle mass of men are here again in the advantage. A man sits for an hour, he burning fat about 1 gram. A woman of about 0.8 grams.

You have to make to lose weight over time, in addition to the diet sports?

To is just the beginning of a negative calorie balance is important. This means, less calories to consume more and to pay attention to the quality of the food. So you can quickly achieve the first successes. In order to stabilize the weight on for a long time, must be moved, the metabolism is always re-enabled and high. This is mainly about physical activity. These two pillars are essential: A short-term reduction goes beyond the diet to stabilize the weight in the long term, you need movement.

Who is motivated Sport, men or women?

For the sports there are usually more men. Based on the weight regulation of the women are much more motivated.

What women and men up to?

Women place much more value on Aesthetics. The Desire for beauty and attractiveness is more pronounced in them is stronger. In men, other physical attributes in the foreground, for example, power and strength.

Why are men less likely to have a yo-yo effect?

Here the muscles are also coming back into the game. The yo-yo effect comes from the fact that the energy turnover is screwed down, if we eat too little. It is usually mined also muscle mass. If we start then, to eat properly, the immediately. Due to the additional muscle mass, men have a larger buffer. This alleviates the yo-yo effect.

When the calorie deficit is unhealthy?

Many people do not know is that a lot of our energy goes to ensure that we fulfil our basic functions – breathing, metabolism, heartbeat. Up to 70 percent of our daily calories needs needs. You must never get including. 20 percent is used for physical exercise. A lot more you can also about sports.

What happens with the rest of the calories?

We need to keep our body temperature and food utilization.