Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

Why do you rinse the Product never down the toilet should

Every second German down flush medications the toilet. Experts warn: residues of pills, drops and tablets may be returned into the ground water. There are better ways, where you have your medicines environment friendly, can be disposed of.

Almost half of the people in Germany, the disposal of medicines over the sink or the toilet. The the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) announced on Tuesday the completion of a funding line on pollutants and pathogens in the water cycle.

Substances only Recently detectable

This Disposal method is considered as one of the reasons why in the sewage traces of drugs and other active ingredients are found. For the substances that can be detected for several years, thanks to better analytical methods are not aligned with today’s wastewater treatment plants.

Experts have already been warning for years: the residues of the drugs could get into the groundwater and the risk for man and nature. Especially certain antibiotics, but also hormonally active substances in contraceptives or painkillers could pose future problems, warned the German environmental aid Association in January 2013. Effects in animals were already known for a long time.

With the risks and possible follow-up measures were now nationwide, twelve projects. The BMBF funded with a total of 31 million euros.

Where you dispose of your medications should

In Germany there is no uniform system for the disposal of drugs and medicines. In Berlin drug residues can be about recycling centers and pharmacies disposed of, in Hamburg, together with the household waste, and in the Munich recycling centers and so-called pollutant-mobile. The withdrawal of surplus drugs in the pharmacies is voluntary. Screenshot The Internet platform informed users about the environmentally friendly disposal of your medication

Where you should use your tablet, pills, drops, suppositories, Sprays, syringes and dressing materials must be disposed of, learn up on the new Internet platform A map of Germany the user can choose their place of residence in order for the environment to get acceptable disposal options are displayed.