Friday, 22 Sep 2023

This $67 Water Bottle Has A 4000-Strong Wait List

We’re all for saving the environment and ridding ourselves of single-use plastic, but since when did water bottles get so damn trendy?

Off-White and Louis Vuitton designer Virgil Abloh, who is known for plastering things in quotation marks and dressing the likes of Bella Hadid in utility vests, has released his first water bottle — and it’s flying off the (virtual) shelves.

In a collaboration with and Evian, Abloh’s take on reusable water bottles is certainly chic. Featuring a glass canister encased in white rubber, the bottle features a sleek timber cap and the words “Rainbow Inside” (quotation marks included) on the outside.

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Costing a cool $67, the bottle — which comes in four text colourways — has already completely sold out, with reports that over 4000 people have joined a wait list for a restock. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, almost “instantly” after going on sale on February 25, the bottles were sold out and the wait list formed.

So, sure, while Abloh might be retail gold when it comes to appropriating everyday items, we’re just not sure that $67 on a glass water bottle is worth it? That being said, it is very sleek. Excuse us while we join that wait list…

This article originally appeared on InStyle. 

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