Friday, 7 Aug 2020

The weight Balance

Finally lose weight and exercise more – this NeujahrsvorsäParking is in German each year, far ahead of the others. However, most of keep your Vorsätze not change until the end of January by. The Diät-Advisor, gathering dust in a Bücher-in closet, and the gym has seen the Index more. Because the high-sounding Pläne to the beginning of the year überfordern us quickly.

Anyway, a ganzj&auml is;hrig by held program not only gesüas Radikalmaßtook, causes it long-term. And: small Verächanges are easier to integrate into everyday life. Tips on how to Ern&auml screws with simple spins to the actuator;leadership, movement and skin care, and much can reach.

The stop

Fast weight loss hält Steffens nothing: "This is closely connected with the Yo-Yo effect that some time after the Diät weighs more than before." This is a poison für the skin: "In the Pro­problematic zones is broken down the fat last. First of all, the K&ouml uses;body to other Bodies, for example, in the face. Do you get repeated here and again, wrinkles arise."

Healthy Alternatives

Äsimilar applies für the Köbody. Because of the yo-Yo effect is detrimental to the connective tissue, worsen radicals Diäten often orange skin. The smallest yo-Yo is a danger, as a große europäof study shows, if diminishing a quarter of its energy needs consent by Eiweiß ceilings, Gemüse and healthy fats to your heart’s content genießen – however, sugar and Weißflour möas far as possible without.

Ernäcurrency – Less snacking

Für the Ernäcurrency researcher Katrin Steffens of Hamburg is skin-friendly Ernäintroduction especially important to Süßto do without it. "A high blood sugar level causes ,Verzuckerung‘ the skin cells under the skin suffering collagen and Elastin."

The firming skin ingredients verhägardens and verküinhibitors, if you are eating permanently. The begüsupports orange skin and little tight curves and can ümoreover, since more Fältchen in the face to the result.

Air take out

The abdomen is häoften aufgebläht, lässt üon the ­Eating a lot of reach. The most Important thing is to eat in peace and chew on that stomach and intestines to process pulp, müshot. Ülush meals and näsignificant feasts better avoided, as ­Chewing gum, cigarettes and Getränke with Kohlensäure. You have to strain the stomach with überschüthe gymnasium air.

The effect often with Blähbauch in connection brought food as Hülsenfrükilled, cabbage, onions, or Süßsubstance is individual. "The best way to let them individually and test the Reaktion", rät expert Steffens.

Pill dizziness

Many Nahrungsergälike a very simple concept promises to stimulate the metabolism of fat and the Köto reduce body weight. Scientific studies have not been able to confirm this promise so far.

To have a real effect, mübiggest a indivi­­duel ideal dose über for a long time, and in combination with certain foods to be taken in order for the Köthe body can utilize. Some Ernäintroduction doctors warn, therefore, that the Präparate even more damage köcould – about the liver.

Three Exercises for Bikini body

For all Exercises, the following applies: for So long repeat, how clean can run. About 8 to 12 times. A short pause, the whole series of 1 – to 2-times. Slowly increase the.

In the default step and make sure that the front knee does not üon the großen toe is not sticking out. The Oberköbody straight, arms in the Hüshops abstüsupport. Slowly up and as deep as möpossible down-
go – without the rear knee to the floor store. Well für thighs and buttocks.

Für is the triceps Üexercises – as you can see on the picture – on a stable chair abstüappreciate, the Füße under the knees. Elbow alternately bend and straighten, show always to the rear of the Oberköthe body remains straight. Only the shoulders and arms to work. This will gekräengaged.

The lateral Board calls the entire core muscles. The Köbody very straight, pelvis and shoulders are parallel. HüRTD towards the ceiling lifting and lowering, not dropping. Slow train.

Movement step – by-Step to the goal

"The most Important t&auml is;daily Bewegung", Arlow Pieniak, a Personal Trainer in Hamburg, says. "To go once a week, in the sports course is a good Start, l&auml is;sst but the Köbody six days and 23 hours down."

Every step we take in daily life, each step we take, zählt. Täpossible 30 minutes of fleet movement, reward us with a further Benefit: experts believe that the risk of cardiovascular reduce disease.

Energy boost needs

Strength training in addition, the target bikini figure even more realistic. Coach Pieniak: "Each gram of muscles erhöht needs the energy, because muscle cells burn carbohydrates." The most effective muscle to succeed in the building of its opinion, if a professional is not the Üexercises controlled – especially in the beginning.

"Need full shopping bags riding but the Muskeln", Pieniak said. It may burn a little. This means that the muscle is at the limits of its load. He will build mass, in order to meet the requirements.

Köbody care – Better blood circulation

So-called Cellulite creams are often the medium für tight Köbody skin ­­advertised. "A variety of studies attested to cosmetic products, but only a minimal or no Wirkung", Dr. Christian Stanger, dermatologist and phlebologist from Darmstadt warns.

About caffeine in creams can the skin barrier üovercome and the blood circulation, stimulate – only the effect is not enough orange peel to soften.
An Alternative to the blood circulation of the skin to stimulate, there are showers, Büthe first treatments and massages. The latter länat&uuml sst;of course, with the Application of a Cellulite cream to connect.

Off to the doctor?

If arms or legs auffäcompletely fücompletely and neither Sport nor by conscious Ernäcurrency ­waste k&ouml lanken,;could the target with a bikini figure, only üto reach on the way to the doctor. "Around ten percent of women in Germany suffer from a Lipödem", ­erklärt Stanger.

In this Fettverteilungsstöof vergrößRen and cells in certain regions of the multiply fat morbidly. Sports and Diät here’s nothing. Is treated the Suffering with Kompressionsstrüfight and lymphatic drainage. In Ausnahmefäcases, funds to reimburse the costs for a liposuction. Clarity gives the visit to a specialist für Gefäßdiseases.