Saturday, 30 Sep 2023

The Top Food Trends of 2018 Are Surprising

They say you are what you eat, and while in a sense, that is true, we cannot take the age-old adage too seriously. If we did, we would all be lettuce and cake, at least according to Google. The online company released their 2018 top search trends list, and the unrelated foods took the top two spots.

The list, which is compiled annually by Google, includes everything from the most-searched people and events to beauty trends — and in case you’re wondering, the latter involved magnetic lashes.

But the top food-related searches of 2018 were a lot more interesting to us. Unicorn cake took the No. 1 spot, followed by romaine lettuce and CBD gummies. (Romaine was part of a nationwide recall in November, and CBD saw a huge uptick when numerous states legalized medical and/or recreational marijuana use.) Keto pancakes came in No. 4 and keto cheesecake was No. 5.

As for the top diets of 2018, given the aforementioned food searches, it should come as no surprise the keto diet secured the top spot. The diet encourages cutting out carbs and refined sugars and, instead, ingesting copious amounts of fat. Specifically, your daily caloric intake should consist of 60 to 75 percent fat. But the keto diet wasn’t the only trending diet.

Google users also searched for information on the Dubrow diet, the Noom diet, the carnivore diet and the seemingly timeless Mediterranean diet.

As for what 2019 may bring, Google didn’t offer any predictions; however, Whole Foods, Pinterest and Facebook seem to believe plant-based/meatless meals will be big in 2019 along with fermented foods and milk alternatives. And we’ve got to be honest; we’re here for it.

In fact, we’re here for all of it and more.

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