Friday, 29 Sep 2023

The Alarming Truth About Breast Implants, According To Studies

A report by the Daily Mail reveals that 75,000 women worldwide are affected by what is being called by many to be crippling symptoms they believe are caused by having had breast implants. Most of the symptoms are actually related to the implant rupturing.

Silicone, which is a form of plastic that is used for the shell of breast implants no matter if the filling is saline fluid, soya oil, or another material, has been linked to a series of health scares related to breast implants causing certain symptoms over the past three decades.

What are these symptoms? Some of the symptoms include rheumatoid arthritis which causes joint pain and disability, painful swelling of the breasts and surrounding areas, the autoimmune condition known as scleroderma that causes painful dryness of the mouth and eyes and swelling of the jaw, skin cancer, and even, research suggests, an increased risk of stillbirth.

At least six types of implants have already been withdrawn from these procedures due to reported issues, cites the Daily Mail, and more continue to pop up. In the 1990s, the Dow Corning implant that was given to more than 3,000 women in Britain ruptured and caused serious illness that involved arthritis-type symptoms. The Trilucent implant was used in over 4,500 women and did, in fact, cause similar issues.

In 2017, over 7,000 women were told that their PIP implants, which notably did not even contain medical grade silicone but a cheaper material that is actually more commonly used in furniture such as mattresses, had also been linked to the same types of disorders and symptoms listed above.

A former stuntwoman, Dawn Beaven, from Surrey, has warned other ladies about the dangers of breast implants. Her own implants caused her various illnesses that even included reduced lung functioning. She previously had four sets of implants and now suffers from emphysema, which she fears and claims may be linked to silicone. She is currently on a lung transplant waiting list.

Many cosmetic surgeons actually acknowledge that breast implants always “wear out.” One professor and senior research leader at Anglia Ruskin University stated shocking statistics of implants rupturing. He is also president of the UK Association of Plastic Surgeons.

“Roughly 10 percent rupture within 10 years and 50 percent rupture within 20 years.”

Paul Balen is a medical negligence specialist who has represented hundreds of implant victims for the past 20 years. He says that modern imaging techniques should make it possible to prove a direct cause-and-effect relationship between silicone and these types of illnesses.

“I don’t think women understand that having breast implants is a major operation that they’re going to have to have redone several times in their life, with no guarantee of anything except that they will rupture and fail eventually. It’s a foreign body and the body’s defence mechanisms will attack it.”

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