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Such as tooth pain do not arise in the first place

What is pain against tooth really helps

Tooth pain is no fun. No matter whether the toothache ceases during eating, or whether it plagues a permanently: the complaints must always be taken seriously. Experts explain what you can in the case of tooth pain and how you in the first place.

Tooth pain, always take it seriously

Health experts have repeatedly pointed out how important it is to take tooth pain seriously. The pain can be caused for example by gum inflammation and left untreated, it can get the germs on the foci of inflammation in the bloodstream and in this way, among other things, promote arteriosclerosis. The hazards caused by the inflammation can even extend to the heart. However, despite the often violent complaints and the Knowledge of the possible consequences of some of the Affected don’t go to the doctor. Experts of the centre for Dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery of the University hospital Jena (UKJ) explain what you can do in a toothache, why you need to have before treatment, do not be afraid and how to prevent the complaints.

The hardest substance in the human body

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, our teeth also have a “soft side”. You are not just lifeless masticatory organs.

“Like any Organ in our body, each individual Tooth has a complex network of blood vessels, lymph vessels and nerve fibers. These extend from the pulp of a tooth, called the pulp, into the dental bone, Dentin, called,“ explains senior physician Dr. Markus trip, the dentist in the polyclinic for Preservative dentistry and Periodontology at the UKJ in a message.

“As a result, we are able to perceive heat, cold, pressure, or chemical stimuli and pain,” says the expert.

Caries as the main cause for the pain

Quite often the pain is caries and its consequences behind the tooth. Tooth decay occurs when the bacterial Biofilm, so Plaque is not removed regularly and thoroughly from the teeth.

The favored acid-forming micro-organisms that destroy dental hard substance. In the worst case, it leads to a Pulpitis, a very painful inflammation of the Dental pulp.

“Patients notice tooth decay, unfortunately, often only when it is advanced, in the Form of a painful tooth or a hole. Therefore, it is important to go twice a year for a dental checkup,“ said trip.

The dentists are able to detect even the smallest carious lesions, for example by means of bite-wing x-rays, and early therapy.

Infections can be life-threatening

As it is said in the message of the UKJ, you should consult in case of dental pain as quickly as possible with a dentist.

Although there are pain pills, some natural emergency aid, and home remedies for tooth pain that may seem to offer temporary relief, the cause of the pain, do not fight.

“Just to be seen or a visit to the dentist delay can have serious consequences,” warns the experienced dentist. The bacterial infection of the tooth can spread.

Not only to the surrounding jaw bone, but even in the whole of the neck and head, to the chest cavity. “Such infections can be for patients life-threatening.”

Minimally Invasive Therapy Options

Many Sufferers shy away from the dentist, afraid of the drill and the pain of the treatment.

According to tour, however, also offered various minimally-invasive therapy concepts. Thus, a removal of caries without a drill is possible, for example by means of Laser or caries infiltration therapy.

But only if the holes are not too big. Also in the case of gum inflammation such as Gingivitis or periodontitis, the dentists rely on the UKJ on a soft laser therapy.

Only in very rare cases, treatment under General anesthesia is necessary. A gentler method is conscious sedation with nitrous oxide is directly on the treatment chair. Who’s afraid of the treatment, the best dentist.

“Fear should never be the reason to shy away from a treatment” journey.

So, you can prevent

In order for tooth pain do not arise in the first place, prevention. Crucial oral hygiene at home.

The expert recommends twice daily brushing and particularly for cleaning between the teeth. Help can silk in inter-dental brushes or dental. A Professional dental cleaning also protects against gum inflammation.

Anyone who pays attention to proper nutrition, also does his teeth Good: rather less, low molecular weight carbohydrates or acidic foods, such as sweets essen. Also, acidic drinks such as soft drinks should only be consumed in moderation.

Instead, a high-vitamin diet with fruits and vegetables. The also protects gums. Also recommended grain products are full.

In addition, the regular visit to the dentist is important, ideally already from the first Tooth. (ad)