Wednesday, 1 Feb 2023

Shoppers Are Calling This $30 Device a 'Life Saver' for Back & Neck Pain Relief

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Incessant back and neck pain can really drag you down and make simple tasks so much harder to complete. And over-the-counter pain medications and creams only go so far. So maybe now is the right time to break out the big guns. Amazon shoppers say the TENS 7000 muscle stimulator
can deliver prescription-strength pain relief instantly — and all you have to do is turn it on.

TENS 7000 sends electric pulses to your muscle pain after you attach the electrode pads to your problem area. The pulse amplitude, or intensity level, is adjustable, so you customize your perfect treatment. Everything you need to tackle your muscle pain comes in the hand TENS kit, and the entire system is currently on sale for just under $32.

TENS 7000 Muscle Stimulator For Back Pain, originally $36.99

According to several of the 57,900 five-star reviews, the TENS 7000 is a ‘life saver’ because it delivers instant relief, and can be used on all types of muscle pains.

“I have had a herniated disk and sciatica pain for 30+ years,” one five-star reviewer said. “You can use it anywhere you have pain, neck, shoulder, knee, lower back … This is a nerve blocker. You get temporary pain relief with no drugs. You have to try this. You can clip it on your waistband and wear it everywhere.”

“This is a powerful little electrode machine thing,” another five-star reviewer wrote. “It has helped me so much over the years from the various injuries I’ve sustained, particularly with back and neck pain I’ve had that I could seemingly not find relief from with more ‘conventional’ methods … Overall, recommend to anyone with any kind of muscle pains.”

Try the TENS 7000 system for yourself to see what the hype is about and get back to your activities with less pain.

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