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Sex: So you choose the correct condom size

Condoms offer protection not only against unwanted pregnancy but also against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and chlamydia.

According to the Anti-Baby-pill, condoms are the second most popular contraceptive in Germany. For optimum protection, and more fun during Sex, the condom should have the right size.

The online shop ‘My condom’ informed of how you can determine.

So, you determine the correct condom size

In the selection of condoms you can easily lose the Overview – in a well-stocked trade finally, there are a variety of different sizes.

To find the Right one, but it is simple: You measure the diameter of the erect Penis, and let then on the basis of the size of the tables, what are the options in question.

Since the condom size is measured in a flat-lying condom, it may well be that several of the sizes in question.

The diameter of the Penis between two sizes, it is not recommended to grab the next smaller, so the condom slips off.

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At this nominal size of the uncertainty can be guided

The following rule is to be observed generally: The condom should be tight without constricting.

The experts of ‘My condom’ also recommend, to test different sizes. There are already different sizes and test sets, which can facilitate the choice of the condom.

Women that want to stock up with condoms, but don’t know which Partner they are determined, can refer to the condom size 52mm. With this, the nominal size of each man can handle almost well.

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